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AORN Periop 101 Module Questions And Answers (Latest)

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In addition to the surgeon which surgical team members wear sterile gowns and gloves during the procedure? SATA a. anesthesia b. circulating nurse c. scrub d. surgical assistant - ANSWER C & D: Sc... rub and Surgical assistant The pathology laboratory and blood bank are usually situated in which of the following areas? - ANSWER Unrestricted area Defining nursing goals and intervention strategies is a part of which phase in the nursing process? - ANSWER Outcome Identification The goals of perioperative nursing interventions are to deliver optimal patient care.... SATA A. conveniently B. effectively C. efficiently D. safely E. skillfully - ANSWER B, C, D, E Which of the following is considered a critical perioperative nursing diagnosis within the PNDS? A. Impaired tissue integrity B. Pain C. Risk for fluid volume deficit D. Risk for perioperative positioning injury - ANSWER D Which items of attire are required when entering the sterile processing area? SATA a. scrub suit b. head cover c. shoe covers d. surgical mask - ANSWER A & B What phases of the nursing process does the periop nurse practice during the preop phase of the surgical experience? SATA a. assessment b. eval c. identification of desired outcomes d. implementation e. nursing dx f. planning - ANSWER A, C, E, F Data collection is part of which phase in the nursing process? - ANSWER Assessment Competency statements: a. direct a nurse's activity in the periop arena b. provide a basic model to eval the quality of nursing practice c. ascertain a level of skills and abilities necessary to fulfill the processional role d. all of the above. - ANSWER D True or False: it is important for perioperative nurses to practice within the context of professional standards and to maintain current knowledge of nursing practice? - ANSWER True Professional nurses seek to support and encourage peers by... - ANSWER Through precepting, mentoring, and role modeling, and providing feedback, the professional nurse is a daily example of excellence in the perioperative setting Perioperative nurses can enhance their professionalism by... - ANSWER A nurse can improve professionally by making use of the various online and independent study resources developed by AORN and by participating in continuing the facility's education activities and accessing perioperative textbooks When using the forum for public commenting on clinical guidelines and offering a suggested change in the comment field, it is very important that you: SATA a. suggest alternate phrasing b. cite evidence to support your change c. provide rationale for your suggestion d. call the consult line to clarify the content with the guideline author - ANSWER A, B, & C: suggest alternate phrasing, cite evidence to support your change, provide rationale for your suggestion [Show More]

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