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NCLEX-PN EXAM (725 questions with correct answers graded A)

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NCLEX Exam NCLEX-PN National Council Licensure Examination(NCLEX-PN) Version: 5.0 [ Total Questions: 725 ] NCLEX NCLEX-PN : Practice Test Topic break down Topic No. of Quest... ions Topic 1: Questions Set A 100 Topic 2: Questions Set B 100 Topic 3: Questions Set C 100 Topic 4: Questions Set D 91 Topic 5: Questions Set E 91 Topic 6: Questions Set F 243 NCLEX NCLEX-PN : Practice Test Topic 1, Questions Set A Teaching the client with gonorrhea how to prevent reinfection and further spread is an example of: A. primary prevention. B. secondary prevention. C. tertiary prevention. D. primary health care prevention. Which of the following foods is a complete protein? A. corn B. eggs C. peanutsDsunflower seeds NCLEX NCLEX-PN : Practice Test Broccoli, oranges, dark greens, and dark yellow vegetables can be eaten to: A. supplement vitamin pills. B. balance body molecules. C. cure many diseases. D. help improve body defenses. The major electrolytes in the extracellular fluid are: A. potassium and chloride. B. potassium and phosphate. C. sodium and chloride. D. sodium and phosphate. NCLEX NCLEX-PN : Practice Test Which of the following nursing diagnoses might be appropriate as Parkinson’s disease progresses and complications develop? A. Impaired Physical Mobility B. Dysreflexia C. Hypothermia D. Impaired Dentition Which of the following is an inappropriate item to include in planning care for a severely neutropenic client? A. Transfuse netrophils (granulocytes) to prevent infection. B. Exclude raw vegetables from the diet. C. Avoid administering rectal suppositories. D. Prohibit vases of fresh flowers and plants in the client’s room. NCLEX NCLEX-PN : Practice Test A primary belief of psychiatric mental health nursing is: A. most people have the potential to change and grow. B. every person is worthy of dignity and respect. C. human needs are individual to each person. D. some behaviors have no meaning and cannot be understood. A teenage client is admitted to the hospital because of acetaminophen (Tylenol) overdose. Overdoses of acetaminophen can precipitate life-threatening abnormalities in which of the following organs? A. lungs B. liver C. kidneys D. adrenal glands NCLEX NCLEX-PN : Practice Test All of the following factors, when identified in the history of a family, are correlated with poverty except: A. high infant mortality rate. B. frequent use of Emergency Departments. C. consultation with folk healers. D. low incidence of dental problems. NCLEX NCLEX-PN : Practice Test Acyclovir is the drug of choice for: A. HIV. B. HSV 1 and 2 and VZV. C. CMV. D. influenza A viruses. Ashley and her boyfriend Chris, both 19 years old, are transported to the Emergency Department after being involved in a motorcycle accident. Chris is badly hurt, but Ashley has no apparent injuries, though she appears confused and has trouble focusing on what is going on around her. She complains of dizziness and nausea. Her pulse is rapid, and she is hyperventilating. The nurse should assess Ashley’s level of anxiety as: A. mild. B. moderate. C. severe. D. panic. NCLEX NCLEX-PN : Practice Test Which of the following methods of contraception is able to reduce the transmission of HIV and other STDs? A. intrauterine device (IUD) B. Norplant C. oral contraceptives D. vaginal sponge ....................................................................................CONTINUED,................................................................................................ [Show More]

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