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NUR 101 Final Exam-with 100% verified answers-2022 WITH 59 Q&A 1. When asked to give an example of complementary therapies, the nurse gives: ✓ Using imagery along with pain medication to increa... se comfort. 2. When the patient asked the nurse about the use of acupuncture for the control of back pain, the nurse warned that acupuncture can put the patient at risk for: ✓ Hepatitis 3. A nurse is caring for a patient admitted for electrolyte imbalance who has been practicing Ayurveda, a traditional Hindu system of medicine. The nurse should inform the physician that the patient is practicing this traditional form of medicine, because Ayurveda: ✓ Uses purgatives as part of the treatment 4. An elderly Hispanic male was admitted with a severe headache and is anxious. The patient tells the nurse that he was given the mal de ojo. The culturally competent nurse understands that mal de ojo means that the patient believes that he: ✓ Was given the evil eye, which is thought to cause weeping and headache. 5. A patient asks about the difference between imagery and meditation. The nurse explains that imagery uses a visual stimulus that can decrease stress, whereas meditation: ✓ Involves focusing on a single repetitive stimulus, altering consciousness. 6. A patient who is a heavy smoker has been told by the physician to stop smoking, but does not want to use a smoking cessation patch. The nurse suggests that the most effective alternative is: ✓ Hypnosis 7. A patient who is in labor CONTINUED......... [Show More]

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