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NUR2755 / NUR 2755 Multidimensional Care IV / MDC 4 Exam 3 Review (Latest 2021 / 2022) Rasmussen

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1. Muscle weakness increase uncordination confusion apathy incoherence decreased clotting Pneumothorax interventions MS physical assessment Frsotbite physical assessment Moderate hypother... mia symptoms 2. Worst headache ever subarachnoid hemorrhage symptom Spinal Cord Injury Intervention Right hemisphere stroke changes Guillian Barre Syndrome patho 3. infection vaccine autoimmune ARF ABG's NUR2755 / NUR 2755 Multidimensional Care IV / MDC 4 Exam 3 Review (Latest 2021 / 2022) Rasmussen GBS causes ARDS Phases MG causes 4. comprehensive head to toe diagnostic labs insertion-GI tube, cath temporary dressing splints to fractures Secondary survey P.E. Intervention decoricate posture ARF oxygenation 5. nonpurposeful, stereotyped, and repetitive behaviors that commonly accompany focal impaired awareness seizures (in the semiologic classification, they define automotor seizures). The behavior is inappropriate for the situation. Patients are usually amnestic to their automatisms. complex/automatism seizure seizure phase Prodomal Seizure phase post ictal tonic-clonic seizure (grand mal) 6. stereotactic pallidotomy- destroy a portion of the globus pallidus, and thereby, decrease patients' muscle rigidity from Parkinson's disease DBS-uses electrical stimulation to modulate these control centers deep to the surface of the brain, improving communication between brain cells. This helps to reduce symptoms such as tremor, slowness, and stiffness. Parkinson's surgical treatment Heat exhaustion interventions Parkinson's lab tests Parkinson's 4 cardinal symptoms 7. CSF mahave low dopamine MRI or SPECT to rule out other brain conditions Parkinson's drug treatment MG non-surgical interventions Parkinson's lab tests ARF interventions 8. lack of meds, give a med and see if it helps Myasthenic crisis Cushing triad Myasthenia Gravis patho Non urgent triage 9. complete- no function below injury incomplete-some function below injury Spinal cord injury complete vs incomplete Spinal Cord Injury Intervention Triage rules HEat stroke prehospital interventions 10. Tonic-clonic tonic clonic myoclonic atonic Multiple sclerosis patho Generalized Seizures types Seizure Diagnostic testing Severe hypothermia symptoms 11. could wait several hours and survive ex. rash strains and sprains colds simple fractures Non urgent triage ARF interventions Myasthenic crisis Vent care 12. ABC's peripheral pulses and cap refill hemmorage check Glascow coma scale spinal shock- loss of motor, reflexes assess mobility/function assess bowel activity Spinal cord injury physical assessment Stroke Risk factors non modifiable Causes fo seizures secondary Heat stroke hospital interventions 13. thyroid function SPEP AChR antibodies chest xray/ct RNS EMG Tensilon test MuSK antibodies parkland formula MG lab diagosis ARF oxygenation MG causes 14. sudden rise in BP with Bradycardia profuse sweating above injury flushing of skin blurred/spots in vision nasal congestion severe, throbbing headache Clonic seizures Shock drugs autonomic dyreflexia Autonomic Dysreflexia causes 15. Rapid ID-hemmy or ischy [Show More]

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