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The polysaccharide cellulose is composed of sugar monomers linked through beta linkages, with their CH2OH groups in opposite direction relative to the neighboring monomer. - True Nutrient that can ... not be broken down to a substance that can participate in the production of ATP via aerobic cellular metabolism - Vitamin E Glycolysis produces 2 ATP molecules, through what process are these ATP molecules made? - Substrate level phosphorylation What product of beta oxidation is able to enter the citric acid cycle? - AcetylCoA What process is shared between anaerobic and aerobic metabolism? - glycolysis A defect occurs that prevents pyruvate from converting to lactate under anaerobic conditions - what is a possible consequence? - glycolysis stops because NAD+ levels are too low What differentiates aerobic from anaerobic cellular metabolism? - utilization of 02 as an electron acceptor What takes place in the mitochondria of a cell? - production of FAHD2 production of CO2 in the citric acid cycle creation of a proton gradient What does not take place in the mitochondria of a cell? - conversion of pyruvate to lactic acid Under aerobic conditions in a human, which molecule is formed in the cytosol by fermentation? - lactate A woman is about to begin her ascent of Mount Everest and is preparing for Day 1 of the climb. Approximately 6 hours before the hike begins, she and her climbing team eat a meal containing 80% complex carbohydrates. What is the physiological benefit of this approach? - improving glycogen stores in the liver and muscle Which process is stimulated when glucagon is released into the bloodstream? - triglyceride synthesis Which chemical represents a monosaccharide? - C6H1206 A patient with advanced cancer has not been able to eat a full meal for the past 3 months, and his intake has gradually diminished over the last month such that his entire intake in the prior 3 days consists solely of water. What is most likely? - He is likely to have lost adipose tissue and muscle mass Which process is stimulated when insulin is released into the bloodstream? - glycogenesis What is the largest source of energy storage in the normal human body? - triglycerides in adipose What drives glucose from the bloodstream into the cells? - insulin What chemicals can be produced in dangerous excess in a patient taking metformin because of its effects of decreasing the liver's participation in the Cori Cycle? - lactic acid A 2-year old boy found to have an autosomal recessive glycogen storage disease that prevents him from being able to fully metabolize glucose. On examination, he has an enlarged liver and bulky appearing muscles. Biopsy of both the liver and the muscles shoes markedly increased amounts of glycogen compared to normal - What is true? - Since glucose can be partially but not fully metabolized, there is an increased concentration of the intermediate compounds and this causes a shift in enzymatic reactions, favoring the production of glycogen Sucrose is a disaccharide consisting of one molecule of glucose bound to one molecule of fructose. When you put sucrose in your tea, how is that sucrose utilized by your body for making energy? (ATP) - sucrose is broken down into its constituent monosaccharides for absorption, these can then be metabolized via glycolysis and the citric acid cycle Which of the following directly provides the energy ne [Show More]

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