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COUN 506 EXAM 3 Liberty University Complete Solution , Attempt Score: 100 Out of 100.

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Question 1 4 out of 4 points Healing prayer can best be described as: Selected Answer: All the above  Question 2 4 out of 4 points Although the lectures emphasized the importance of inside... -out change, the lectures also explained the value of outside-in change. What is the function of dislocating experiences in the context of outside-in change? Selected Answer: Sometimes a traumatic personal experience can cause a client to look at deeper issues of the heart.  Question 3 4 out of 4 points In the lecture discussion on potential problems when using the Bible in counseling, the lecturer referred to “relying excessively on the Bible when other strategies might be more helpful to the client at that moment.” What “trap” may that quote illustrate? Selected Answer: The “overreliance” trap  Question 4 4 out of 4 points The lecture discussed the value of, and some principles for using meditation in Christian counseling. Which of the following statements best corresponds with the lecture content? Selected Answer: In Christian meditation, we are really changing the pattern from expecting answers to one of patiently waiting on God  Question 5 4 out of 4 points The lectures explain that comments by the lecturer about Christian counseling are in the “soul care” tradition, and as such, spiritual formation is emphasized. Which answer below would NOT be true of Formative Reading of the Bible, as discussed in the lecture? Selected Answer: It is the same as informative reading.  Question 6 4 out of 4 points The lectures discussed using the METAMORPH grid by filling in the biblical references and spiritual formation columns. What is the purpose behind doing that? Selected Answer: We need to learn how to help clients think biblically and correct faulty thought patterns. [Show More]

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