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BIO 211Test Bank for Fundamentals of Nursing The Art and Science of Nursing Care Seventh

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1. How is culture learned by each new generation? A) ethnic heritage B) involvement in religious activities C) formal and informal experiences D) belonging to a subculture 2. A nurse caring for ... patients in a culturally diverse neighborhood knows that culture affects the nurse’s interactions with patients. Which of the following is a characteristic of culture? Select all that apply. A) Culture guides what is acceptable behavior for people in a specific group. B) Modeling behavior is the primary means of transmitting culture. C) Culture is generally not affected by the group’s social and physical environment. D) Cultural practices and beliefs mainly remain constant as long as they satisfy a group’s needs. E) Culture influences the way people of a group view themselves, have expectations, and behave. F) Because of individual influences, there are differences both within and among cultures. 3. Which of the following statements is true of cultural assimilation? A) Mutual cultural assimilation occurs when characteristics from two groups are traded. B) Cultural assimilation is the integration of a majority group with a minority group. C) Moving to a different culture may result in psychological discomfort. D) Cultural assimilation is identifying with a collective cultural group, primarily based on common heritage. This study source was downloaded by 100000842722785 from on 07-29-2022 08:32:46 GMT -05:00 4. Mr. Perez is a Mexican immigrant who migrated to the United States and lives in a Spanish-speaking community with other relatives. He is taken to the ER following a fall at work and is admitted to the hospital for observation. Which of the following is the nurse caring for Mr. Perez aware that he is at risk for? A) cultural assimilation B) cultural shock C) cultural imposition D) cultural blindness 5. What characteristic is used to describe racial categories? A) language B) skin color C) music preferences D) food likes and dislikes 6. A 20-year-old housekeeper, born and educated in Iraq, wears her traditional clothing and head covering. A 50- year-old patient tells the nurse, “ They are in America and should dress like we do.” What is this statement an example of? A) cultural assimilation B) cultural blindness C) cultural conflict D) cultural imposition 7. A nurse walks by a patient’s room and observes a Shaman performing a healing ritual for the patient. The nurse then remarks to a coworker that the ritual is a waste of time and disruptive to the other patients on the floor. This nurse is displaying the feelings associated with: A) culture conflict B) cultural blindness C) stereotyping D) cultural shock This study source was downloaded by 100000842722785 from on 07-29-2022 08:32:46 GMT -05:00 8. Which of the following statements accurately describe cultural factors that may influence healthcare? Select all that apply. A) Nurses and patients generally agree upon the health practices that are being instituted. B) Certain racial and ethnic groups are more prone to developing specific diseases and conditions. C) Although pain affects people differently, most people react to pain in the same manner. D) Most mental health norms are based on research and observations made of white, middle-class people. E) In many cultures, the man is the dominant figure and generally makes decisions for all family members. F) When people move to the United States, they may speak their own language fluently but have difficulty speaking English. 9. A nurse is doing preoperative teaching for an African American man before he has abdominal surgery. What topic should be included in the teaching? A) the possibility of developing a keloid over the healed incision B) the increased risk of developing an infection in the incision C) his racial characteristics that will slow healing D) cultural influences on his response to surgery 10. A nurse is caring for a patient from Taiwan who constantly requests pain medication. What should the nurse consider when assessing the patient’s pain? A) Most people react to pain in the same way. B) Pain in adults in less intense than pain in children. C) The patient is a constant complainer. D) Pain is what the patient says it is. 11. A father, mother, grandmother, and three school-aged children have immigrated to the United States from Thailand. Which member(s) of the family are likely to [Show More]

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