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A woman presents to a prenatal clinic appointment at 10 weeks' gestation, in the first trimester of pregnancy. Which of the following symptoms would be considered a normal finding at this point in p... regnancy?  Urinary frequency 2.) A nurse is providing preconception counseling for a client who is planning a pregnancy. Which of the following supplements should the nurse recommend to help prevent neural tube defects in the fetus?  Folic acid 3.) A nurse provides teaching for a patient scheduled for genetic testing. What should the nurse do to help the patient understand what is being taught? S/A  Avoid the use of jargon  Speak slowly and clearly  Ask the patient to verbalize what was learned  Use simple vocabulary 4.) A woman presents to the prenatal clinic at 30 weeks gestation reporting dysuria, frequency, and urgency with urination. Appropriate nursing actions include:  Obtain a clean-catch urine to assess for a possible urinary tract infection 5.) A client has been prescribed Clomiphene Citrate (Clomid) and calls the clinic complaining of hot flashes, headaches, and breast tenderness ever since taking this medication. What is the best response by the nurse?  These are normal side effects of this medication 6.) The physicians order states to begin Pitocin at 3mu/min. Pharmacy sends you Pitocin 20 units premixed in 1000 ml of Normal Saline. The nurse should set the IV pump to run at:  1000ml/20u * 1u/1000 mu* 3mu/1min* 60 min/1hr=180000/20000= 9ml/hr 7.) A patient at 20 weeks gestation is being seen in the prenatal clinic. Where would the nurse expect the fundal height to be palpated?  Umbilicus [Show More]

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