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NR 599 MIDTERM EXAM WEEK 4 | Verified Q&A Informatics Correct Answer: science and art of turning data into information what concepts/sciences does informatics apply (3) Correct Answer: comput... er science cognitive science information science What does computer science study Correct Answer: the theory of underpinning information and computation and their implementation in computer systems Facets of computer science (4) Correct Answer: hardware software communication solutions to related problems What does cognitive science study Correct Answer: how the human mind works from an information processing perspective What does information science study Correct Answer: retrieval and management of information and human-computer interaction What are the 2 levels of NI practice Correct Answer: generalist informatics-nurse specialists Generalist in NI practice Correct Answer: experience in the field and knowledgeable but not educated at graduate level Informatics Nurse Specialist Correct Answer: More sophisticated level of understanding and skills- graduate level training Innovator Conducts informatics research and generates informatics theory Does every healthcare setting have an informatics nurse or an informatics nurse specialist? Correct Answer: No, but every setting requires at least a basic level of nursing-informatics competencies what is knowledge work Correct Answer: collecting data, turning it into information and creating knowledge/wisdom Why is nursing informatics important Correct Answer: because nurses are knowledge workers (taking data and turning it into information and knowledge) How can technology aid knowledge work Correct Answer: helps to: collect data see trends process information create kowledge According to QSEN is informatics a key skill for optimal patient care Correct Answer: Yes How do standard terminologies contribute to the development of knowledge Correct Answer: ensure all professionals share the same understanding/meaning of a concept clarifies communication facilitates research provides structure for support tools and EHRs In regards to the foundation of knowledge model, what do standard terminologies support Correct Answer: knowledge acquisition dissemination generation processing standard terminology Correct Answer: structured/controlled what is knowledge according to the text Correct Answer: awareness that information can be used to make a decision the external process of testing, sensing and interacting is used to describe Correct Answer: knowledge the internal process of thinking or cognition is used to describe Correct Answer: knowledge knowledge that is translated into action is Correct Answer: wisdom sometimes considered the highest form of common sense is ....... Correct Answer: knowledge application of knowledge in a practical way is ..... Correct Answer: wisdom _________________ is a building block of knowledge Correct Answer: information knowledge must be viable --- what does that mean Correct Answer: must be accessible, timely, and accurate what are the 4 parts of the foundation of knowledge model Correct Answer: knowledge acquisition, dissemination, generation, and processing what is knowledge acquisition Correct Answer: getting knowledge what is knowledge dissemination Correct Answer: giving or distributing knowledge what is knowledge processing Correct Answer: analyzing, manipulating, or processing knowledge what is knowledge generation Correct Answer: creation of new knowledge from old knowledge using experience or other input the model that humans are organic and constantly generate, acquire, process, and disseminate knowledge Correct Answer: foundation of knowledge model the study of storage of information through algorithm is ..... Correct Answer: computer science study of theoretical foundations of information and its application in computer systems Correct Answer: computer science study of the mind and behavior as it pertains to information processing Correct Answer: cognitive science study of the use and application of information in interactions with people / organizations Correct Answer: information science integration of social science, library science, computer science, communication science, and cognitive science Correct Answer: information science terminology approved by general consent or an approving body Correct Answer: standardized terminology nomenclatures, classifications systems, data sets, and code sets are all included in ...... Correct Answer: standardized terminology system of rules for adding terms used in art/science(such as nursing) Correct Answer: nomenclature a system of grouping like terms into categories used to identify costs and outcomes -- not used in clinical documentation Correct Answer: classification classification used to create a catalog for discussion [Show More]

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