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Nursing_knowledge_Assessment_Practice_Exam-geriatrics final exam questions and answers with complete solution

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Your older female patient is complaining because she is having frequent UTIs. Which normal age-related change is most likely to be a contributing factor? ch. 3 - ANSWER Decreased bladder muscle tone ... Which are normal age-related changes? (Select all that apply.) ch. 3 - ANSWER 1 Decreased visual acuity 4 Increased gastric pH 8 Decreased serum albumin 10 Decreased rate of peristalsis What are patients who have had Parkinson disease for 10 years likely to exhibit? (Select all that apply.) ch. 3 - ANSWER 1 Rigidity and tremors when at rest 3 Dementia An older adult is coming to your clinic for treatment for a gastric ulcer. Which treatment would the nurse expect to be ordered? ch.3 - ANSWER Antibiotics What should the nurse explain when discussing expected changes in the female reproductive system to an older adult? ch. 3 - ANSWER Production of vaginal secretions decreases The nurse performs a skin assessment of an older adult. Which finding is abnormal and needs to be reported? ch. 3 - ANSWER A dark, elevated patch that bleeds when touched The nurse encourages the patient to maintain a steady weight in the recommended range to decrease risk of which common endocrine disease observed in older adults? ch. 3 - ANSWER Diabetes mellitus What is the activity that best promotes health maintenance for the typical older adult? ch. 4 - ANSWER One 30-minute walk, 3 to 5 times a week The nurse recognizes that regular dental visits are: ch.4 - ANSWER Recommended on a yearly basis for all older adults, even those with dentures. An older adult does not follow through with health recommendations from the primary health care provider [Show More]

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