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FISDAP Medical Questions with Answers indicated from pg 27

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What is the effect of oral glucose? A. Lowers blood sugar B. Raises blood sugar C. Stimulates gluconeogenesis D. Increases the rate of digestion 2. A 14 year old male is hot, dry and complaining ... of nausea and vomiting after mowing the lawn. What should you suspect? A. Hypothermia B. Heat exhaustion C. Heat stroke D. Hyperemesis 3. What occurs during compression of the inferior vena cava? A. Preeclampsia B. Supine hypotensive syndrome C. Pregnancy induced hypertension D. Eclampsia 4. An unresponsive 32 year old female was pulled from a frozen lake after 3 minutes of submersion. Vital signs are BP 90/70, P 24, R 8. Why is it important to handle her gently while transporting? A. Any lung damage due to submersion is greatly reduced. B. She could go into shock. C. It prevents her from losing any limbs. D. She could convert into V-Fib or V-Tach rhythm. 5. A 56 year old male complains of chest pain after shoveling the driveway. He states that his pain was a 9/10, but it is now a 5/10 after rest and taking 2 of his nitroglycerin. Vital signs are BP 100/66, P 87, R 16. What should you do? A. Apply high-flow oxygen. B. Apply pulse oximetry. C. Obtain a second set of vital signs. D. Administer aspirin. 6. A 71 year old female is short of breath and has lower leg pain. She took 2 doses of her prescribed nitroglycerine and 324 mg aspirin 10 minutes ago. Vital signs are BP 160/90, P 88, R 24, SpO2 88%. What should you do? A. Administer a third dose of nitroglycerin. B. Apply oxygen by non-rebreather mask. C. Administer an additional dose of aspirin. D. Obtain a second set of vital signs. 7. A 66 year old female has shortness of breath and diffuse back pain. Auscultation of lungs reveal crackles in the bases. Vital signs are BP 170/110 and P 112. What should you do administer? A. Adenosine B. Furosemide C. Albuterol D. Nitroglycerin Scenario: 8. An unresponsive 2 day old female is in respiratory distress. Her skin is cyanotic and vital signs are P 184, R 72. What should you do? A. Assist her ventilations. B. Administer albuterol. C. Apply blow-by oxygen. D. Asses for a blood pressure. 9. A 22 year old male complains of shortness of breath with diminished lung sounds on the right side. Vital signs are BP 130/90, P 86, R 24. What should you suspect? A. Asthma attack B. Pneumothorax C. Tension pneumothorax D. Exacerbation of COPD 10. An 66 year old female had a syncopal episode while attempting to stand up. She describes a history of COPD, CHF, and gout. Vital signs are BP 96/40, P 56, R 18. What should you suspect? A. Rapid increase of insulin. B. Increase in oxygen levels. C. Decrease in cerebral blood flow. D. Hypoglycemic event. 11. What is the best protection from contracting a communicable disease from a patient? A. Frequent hand washing. B. Changing clothes after run. C. Wearing goggles during run. D. Putting on a mask. 12. An anxious 55 year old male is severely short of breath and is coughing up pink frothy sputum. He is sitting upright and tells you that his "feet are more swollen than normal." Vital signs are BP 202/112, P 110, R 36 with crackles. What should you do? A. Obtain a detailed medical history. B. Position him supine and apply high-flow oxygen. C. Administer aspirin. D. Assist his ventilations with a BVM. 13. A 34 year old male complains that people are "out to hurt me." He thinks you are attempting to kill him with poison gas while applying a non-rebreather mask. What should you do? A. Position the mask for blow-by oxygen. B. Forcefully restrain him then apply the mask. C. Switch to a nasal cannula. D. Explain the benefits of oxygen. 14. What condition is caused by twisting of the spermatic cord, resulting in a sudden onset of severe scrotal pain? A. Epididymitis B. Urinary calculi C. Priapism D. Testicular torsion 15. How should you treat asystole in a patient? A. Shock with an AED. B. Provide positive pressure ventilation. C. Provide chest compressions. D. Administer high-flow oxygen. 16. A 45 year old female had a return of spontaneous circulatoin (ROSC) after 10 minutes in cardiac arrest. She is unresponsive. Vital signs are BP 96/40, P 88, R 18, SpO2 74%. What should you do? A. Assist her ventilations with a BVM. B. Continue to use the AED to analyze her pulse. C. Position her in a recovery position and apply high-flow oxygen. D. Provide low-flow oxygen by non-rebreather mask. 17. A 16 year old boy tells you that he "caught" his 40 year old mother "holding a handful of sleeping pills." The son explains that she is depressed, and he is convinced that she me [Show More]

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