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NUR & MCQs Reviews Question for Licensing Exams, 100% correct answers.

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1. The following chemically bond to the tooth: A. Composite resin. B. Dental sealants. C. Glass ionomer cement. *** D. All of the above. 2. Compomer restorative materials are: A. Glass ionomer... with polymer components B. Resin systems with fluoride containing glasses. *** C. Composite resin for cervical restorations only. 3. Loose enamel rods at the gingival floor of a class II amalgam cavity should be removed using : A. Straight chisel. B. Hatchet. C. Gingival curetla. D. Gingival marginal trimmer. *** 4. Removal of Undermined Enamel in Class II cavity is done by : A. Chisel. *** B. Angle former C. NURExcavator 5. What is the cavo-surface angle of prep for amalgam restoration: A. 30 degree B. 60 degree C. 90 degree *** D. 130 degree. 6. Hand instrument which we used to make internal angles retentive grooves and preparation of cavity walls in the cavity is: E. Angle former. *** F. Chisel. G. File. H. Enamel hatched. [Show More]

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