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ATI NR Dental Questions & Answers. 850 Questions with100% Correct answers for the Latest EDITION

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1. The periodontal tissues comprise which of the following tissues: a. Gingiva and the PDL. b. Gingival, PDL, and alveolar bone. c. Gingival PDL alveolar bone, and cementum d. Gingival, PDL, alveo... lar bone, cementum, and enamel. 2. The following chemically bond to the tooth a. Composite resin. b. Dental sealants. c. Glass ionomer cement. d. All of the above. 3. In countries with higher annual population growth rates, the need for community based preventive programs would be greater for: a. Dental caries b. Periodontal disease c. Dentofacial anomalies d. Dental floozies. 4. The following medical conditions may precipitate a syncope: a. Hypoglycemia. b. Mild hyperglycemia. c. Anti hypertensive drugs with ganglionic blocking agent. d. Anti depressant therapy. e. All of the above. 5. Orthognathic ridge relationship (class II) presents several problems which should be taken into consideration when constructing complete denture prosthesis. These include all EXCEPT: a. Require minimum interocclusal distance b. Have a great range of jaw movement. c. Require careful occlusion, usually cuspless teeth are indicated. 6. After insertion of complete denture, Patient came complaining from pain in TMJ and tenderness of muscle with difficulty in swallowing, this could [Show More]

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