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HIEU 201 Liberty University CHAPTER 4 Quiz. 20 Q&A Complete Solution.

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HIEU 201 Chapter 4 Quiz Liberty University 1. The Ionian philosophers believed that 2. Parmenides' fundamental belief was 3. The sophists' interest in human and social conc... erns 4. Socrates believed that the central concern of the individual should be to 5. Plato's political writings 6. Aristotle's theory of truth held that 7. Greek drama 8. Aristophanes 9. Which of the following is NOT true of the Greek historian Herodotus? 10. Greek dramatists 11. The development of rational though in Greece 12. The first Ionian philosophers were called cosmologists because they 13. Anaximander rejected Thales' theory that water was the original substance and believed instead that _______ was the source of all things. 14. In contrast to the Mesopotamians and the Egyptians, the Greeks 15. Which of the following is NOT true of Greek medicine as practiced by Hippocratic physicians? 16. Socrates' method of inquiry, dialectics, involved 17. Plato argued that truth 18. During the classical age of Greek art, art was 19. Greek historians believed that history 20 Thucydides' greatest work [Show More]

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