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NR 511 Final Exam & Midterm Exam Test Bank NR 511 Final Exam & Midterm Exam Test Bank 1. How many sets of Kegels should be done each day to help with urinary incontinence? -Three sets of 1... 0 a day 2. What is the first line treatment for allergic rhinitis? - intranasal corticosteroid—ie: Flonase. 3. What is the term used for the loss of high-pitched tones in geriatrics? -Presbycusis 4. What type of hearing loss does cerumen impaction cause? - Conductive hearing loss 5. You see an older woman bending over leaving on her shopping cart at the grocery store. What is the likelydiagnosis? -Spinal stenosis 6. Multiple myeloma is disease of what? -Plasma cells 7. What test in the office can you use to help diagnose sciatica? - Straight leg test (Always pick the cheapest, most noninvasive tests first!!) 8. I have heel pain that is worse in the morning. What is my likely diagnosis? - Plantar fasciitis 90. The Lachman test is used to help diagnose what? - ACL 10. Other tests for acl include -anterior and posterior drawer tests 11. What is the treatment for gout and what would be the medication instructions for a flare? - Colchicine and take 1.2 mg at the first sign of flare, followed in 1 hour with a single dose of 0.6 mg. 12. What is a sign of colchicine toxicity? - Diarrhea 13. What is a common cause of posterior knee pain? -Baker’s cyst 14. Cotton wool spots, neovascularization and microaneurysms are all Eye exam findings in what condition? -Diabetes 15. And what about AV nicking and what it is? - HTN, when an artery crosses over a vein [Show More]

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