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2022 AHIP Module 5 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Mr. Ziegler is turning 65 next month and has asked you what he can do, and when he must do it, with respect to enrolling in Part D. What could you tell him?... Correct Answer: He is currently in the Part D Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) and, during this time, he may make one Part D enrollment choice, including enrollment in a stand-alone Part D plan or an MA-PD plan. Mr. Johannsen is entitled to Medicare Part A and Part B. He gains the Part D low-income subsidy. How does that affect his ability to enroll or disenroll in a Part D plan? Correct Answer: He qualifies for a special election period and can enroll in or disenroll from a Part D plan once during that period. Mrs. Schmidt is moving and a friend told her she might qualify for a "Special election period" to enroll in a new Medicare Advantage plan. She contacted you to ask what a special election period is. What could you tell her? Correct Answer: a period, outside of the Annual Election Period, when a Medicare beneficiary can select a new or different Medicare Advantage and/or Part D prescription drug plan. Typically the Special election period is beneficiary specific and results from events, such as when the beneficiary moves outside of the service area. Mrs. Margolis contacts you in August because she will become eligible for Medicare for the first time in November. She would like to meet and discuss plan choices with you. What advice should you give her? Correct Answer: You cannot discuss plan options for the following year before October 1. If you meet before October 1, you can only discuss options for the current plan year. Starting October 1, you are permitted to simultaneously market plans for the current and prospective years, provided marketing materials indicate what plan year is being discussed. When Myra first became eligible for Medicare, she enrolled in Original Medicare (Parts A and B). She is now 67 and will turn 68 on July 1. She would now like to enroll in a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan and approaches you about her options. What advice would you give her? Correct Answer: She should enroll during the Annual Election Period (AEP), which takes place from October 15 to December 7 each year. Mr. and Mrs. Nunez attended one of your sales presentations. They've asked you to come to their home to clear up a few questions. During the presentation, Mrs. Nunez feels tired and tells you that her husband can finish things up. She goes to bed. At the end of your discussion, Mr. Nunez says that he wants to enroll both himself and his wife. What should you do? Correct Answer: As long as she can do so, only Mrs. Nunez can sign her enrollment form. Mrs. Nunez will have to wake up to sign her form or do so at another time. Mrs. Young is currently enrolled in Original Medicare (Parts A and B), but she has been working with Agent Neil Adams in the selection of a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan. It is mid-September, and Mrs. Young is going on vacation. Agent Adams is considering suggesting that he and Mrs. Young complete the application together before she leaves. He will then submit the paper application before the start of the annual enrollment period (AEP). What would you say If you were advising Agent Adams? Correct Answer: This is a bad idea. Agents are generally prohibited from soliciting or accepting an enrollment form before the start of the AEP. You have come to Mrs. Midler's home for a sales presentation. At the beginning of the presentation, Mrs. Midler tells you that she has a copy of her medical records available because she thinks this will help you understand her needs. She suggests that you will know which questions to ask her about her health status in order to best assist her in selecting a plan. What should you do? Correct Answer: You can only ask Mrs. Midler questions about conditions that affect eligibility, specifically, whether she has one of the conditions that would qualify her for a special needs plan. Mr. Roberts is enrolled in an MA plan. He recently suffered complications following hip replacement surgery. As a result, he has spent the last three months in Resthaven, a skilled nursing facility. Mr. Roberts is about to be discharged. What advice would you give him regarding his health covera [Show More]

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