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NUR 2407 Finals Practice Questions And Answers/SCORE A+

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Pharmacology Final Exam Review Questions (Open book quizzes & NCLEX Review Questions) Quiz 6 1.) Potassium chloride 10 mEq intravenously has been ordered for a client whose potassium is 2.9 followi ng... diuretics. How will the nurse administer the potassium dose? A) Dilute the dose in a 50 ml IV rider and infused over 1 hour B) Push the dose as a rapid IV push because of the patient’s dangerously low potassium level C) Push the dose slowly over 10 minutes D) Ask to give the dose in a large muscle since the intravenously route is too dangerous 2.) A client who has been taking Lisinopril (an ace inhibitor) for 2 weeks complains of a dry cough. How should the nurse respond to this complaint? A) The cough will subside within 5 to 7 days when the body becomes accustomed to the medicine. B) The cough is a sign of impending angioedema. The client should stop the medicine immediately. C) The cough is a result of immune suppression. The client should stop the medicine immediately D) The cough is a common side effect of prils. Sartans may be prescribed instead if it becomes intolerable 3.) A client is experiencing edema. Which over-the-counter medication might be reducing the diuretic effects of her lisinopril? A) St John’s Wort B) Glucosamine C) Vitamin C D) Ibuprofen 4.) A client, who has been seeing multiple doctors, reports that she is taking Lisinopril and another antihypertensive medication, the name of which she can’t recall. What type of antihypertensive is contraindicated when people are taking ACE inhibitors due to risk of compound effects? A) Thiazide diuretics B) Beta blockers C) Potassium-sparing diuretics D) Calcium channel blockers 5.) In preparing discharge education for a client who has just begun hydrochlorothiazide therapy, a nurse reviews the client's lab results. Which finding should the nurse be concerned about in relationship to the discharge prescription? A) blood sugar level of 80 mg/dL B) potassium level of 3.1 mEq/L C) hemoglobin of 15 g/dL D) potassium level of 4.8 mEq/L. 6.) A client has had hypertension for approximately 7 years and now is interested in becoming pregnant. What is the safest anti-hypertensive for a woman in the early stages of pregnancy? A) Amlodipine B) Lisinopril C) Methyldopa D) Valsartan 7.) If a client is taking carvedilol, a beta blocker, which adverse effect should the nurse watch for? A) Hypoventilation B) Sinus tachycardia C) Hypergylcemia D) Dizziness [Show More]

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