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CLG 0010 Exam 100% Scored Spring 2022 What is defined as any felonious act of corruption or attempt to cheat the Government or corrupt the Government's agents by charge card program officials? - ... Ans-Internal Fraud If transactions not made by the Cardholder appear on the Statement of Account, the Cardholder should dispute them with the card-issuing bank within how many days of the transaction date? - Ans-90 Which of the following is an agreement that is not binding solely because the Government representative who made it lacked the authority to enter into that agreement on behalf of the government? - Ans-Unauthorized commitment 10 United States Code 2784 requires specific corrective actions for Governmentwide Commercial Purchase Card Program violations - Ans-False What is the artificial intelligence Data Mining platform that automatically analyzes the DoD's Governmentwide Commercial Purchase Card data to identify high-risk transactions - Ans-Insight on Demand (IOD) Authorized uses of the Governmentwide Commercial Purchase Card include (select three) - Ans-a. Ordering Officer purchases and payments b. Existing Government contracts c. Commercial training requirements using the SF-182 Which of the following terms is defined as "the international use of the Government-issued charge card in violation of applicable regulations"? - Ans-Abuse How many Cardholder accounts may be rolled up under a Managing Account? - Ans-Seven [Show More]

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