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IG FB Mall Search Relevance Guidelines

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Determine Query Intent: In order to determine the intent of the query, raters should use Google Shopping as the first option to conduct side search. If it’s not possible to determine, raters can p... roceed with other search engines and Commerce platform (e.g. eBay, Amazon, etc.) for additional context to better understand searcher's intent. NOTE: It is also important to use common sense when rating queries, and not rely too heavily on side search to determine query intent. Example: The query is for denim and the result is for a denim jacket, which is Relevant. Although side search from Google Shopping shows mainly jeans, as users/shoppers, we know that a denim jacket is a perfectly good result for the query denim, which is a material and could refer to many items made of denim. (Additionally, we also know that when searching for jeans, we would rarely just type in 'denim', which makes it even more likely that a denim jacket, or other denim item, is what this user was looking for.) Definitions Broad Retailers: stores that do not have a specific product niche or focus; typically big box stores. Bundle/set post: all items in the post are sold together for one total price, this price should reflect in the price field. Dominant/Primary Intent: the product(s) that fulfill the query intent as defined by the context within which the search was performed. Mainstream: the products that are most visible (most popular) once the query is issued and the intent is compared against the results within the shop. Multiple-item post: items in the post are sold for separate prices. Same items can be: Identical items (e.g. 3 same chairs, 4 same tires). Items with variations in color, size that have the same price point, as often seen in apparel product posts in IG (e.g. dresses with variations in color and size). Items that are the same type and have the same price point (e.g. different brand dresses, different style of jackets but have the same price point) Specialty stores: sellers or shops typically niched in the products being sold. [Show More]

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