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Introduction: Approaches to Understanding China’s History 1 The Variety of Historical Perspectives 1 Geography: The Contrast of North and South 4 Humankind in Nature 14 The Village: Family and L... ineage 17 Inner Asia and China: The Steppe and the Sown 23 part one Rise and Decline of the Imperial Autocracy 27 1. Origins: The Discoveries of Archaeology 29 Paleolithic China 29 Neolithic China 31 Excavation of Shang and Xia 33 The Rise of Central Authority 37 Western Zhou 39 Implications of the New Archaeological Record 402. The First Unification: Imperial Confucianism 46 The Utility of Dynasties 46 Princes and Philosophers 49 The Confucian Code 51 Daoism 53 Unification by Qin 54 Consolidation and Expansion under the Han 57 Imperial Confucianism 62 Correlative Cosmology 64 Emperor and Scholars 66 3. Reunification in the Buddhist Age 72 Disunion 72 The Buddhist Teaching 73 Sui–Tang Reunification 76 Buddhism and the State 79 Decline of the Tang Dynasty 81 Social Change: The Tang–Song Transition 83 4. China’s Greatest Age: Northern and Southern Song 88 Efflorescence of Material Growth 88 Education and the Examination System 93 The Creation of Neo-Confucianism 96 Formation of Gentry Society 101 5. The Paradox of Song China and Inner Asia 108 The Symbiosis of Wen and Wu 108 The Rise of Non-Chinese Rule over China 112 China in the Mongol Empire 119 Interpreting the Song Era 126 6. Government in the Ming Dynasty 128 Legacies of the Hongwu Emperor 128 Fiscal Problems 132 China Turns Inward 137 Factional Politics 140 7. The Qing Success Story 143 The Manchu Conquest 143 Institutional Adaptation 146 [Show More]

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