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CPR 2022 Final Exam Questions And 100% Correct Answers

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CPR 2022 Final Exam Questions And 100% Correct Answers 1. When a cardiac arrest occurs and an AED becomes available, it should be used as soon as possible - True 2. A woman burned her hand in t... he lunchroom. You should: - Cool the burn with large amounts of fresh running water. Cover the burn loosely with a dry, sterile dressing. Remove her from the source of the burn. 3. You are giving first aid to a person with a muscle, bone, or joint injury. Emergency medical services (EMS) has been called. What should you do until they arrive. - Apply cold if the person can tolerate it and watch for signs and symptoms of shock 4. When caring for a person who is having a seizure, you should: - Remove nearby objects that might cause injury. 5. What sudden illness is usually caused by a blockage of blood flow to the brain? - Stroke 6. A person is having a diabetic emergency and requests sugar. The person is responsive and able to safely swallow. How much sugar should you give? - 15 to 20 grams 7. A person has signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion. What should you do? - Get the person out of the heat and into a cool place. 8. A person is having signs and symptoms of a heart attack. What should you do first? - Call 911 or the designated emergency number 9. In what circumstance would it be appropriate to use a tourniquet? - There are multiple people with life-threatening injuries who need care. 10. When using direct pressure to control non-life-threatening bleeding from an open wound, you should: - Add additional dressings and continue to apply direct pressure until the bleeding stops and then bandage the wound. 11. You believe that a person has a head, neck, or spinal injury. What should you do? - Have the person remain in the position he or she is in until emergency medical services (EMS) personnel arrive and take over [Show More]

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