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what should you do when taking a food order from customers who have concerns about food allergies - ANSWER Describe each menu item to the customer who ask, including any "secret" ingredients What t... emperature should the water be for manual dishwashing? - ANSWER Must be at least 110 F A food handler just finished storing a dry food delivery, which step was done correctly? - ANSWER Stored food away from the wall What should be done with food that has been handled by a food handler who has been restricted or excluded from the operation due to illness? - ANSWER Throw it out Single use gloves are not required when - ANSWER Washing product What should a food handler do to make gloves easier to put on? - ANSWER Select the right size gloves What should food handlers do after leaving and returning to the prep area? - ANSWER Wash hands What rule for serving bread should food handlers practice? - ANSWER Do not re-serve uneaten bread What does the L stand for in the FDA'S ALERT tool? - ANSWER Look What is the minimum internal cooking temp for chicken breasts? - ANSWER 165°F (74 °C) for 15 seconds What factors influence the effectiveness of a chemical sanitizer? - ANSWER Concentration,temperature,contact time, pH and water hardness. Ready to eat TCS foods prepped in house must be date marked if it is held for more than how many hours? - ANSWER 24 Hours What is the minimum internal cooking temperature for a veal chop? - ANSWER 135°F(57 °C) Why should food temperature be taken in 2 different locations? - ANSWER Temperature may vary in the food What causes Preschool age children to be at risk for foodborne illness? - ANSWER Their immune systems are not strong How should staff make sure the chemical sanitizer being used on a food prep surface is at the correct strength? - ANSWER Use a test kit to check the sanitizers concentration when mixing it When can a glass thermometers be used? - ANSWER When enclosed in a shatter proof casing A tuna salad removed from the cooler at 9 am and put out for a buffet at 11 am. By what time must the tuna salad be served or thrown out? - ANSWER 3 p, What practice should be used to prevent seafood toxins from causing foodborne illness? - ANSWER Purchasing food from approved , reputable suppliers What should a server do after clearing a table? - ANSWER Wash hands What must food handlers do when handling ready to eat food? - ANSWER Wear single use gloves What is the first step in developing a HACCP plan? - ANSWER Conduct a hazard analysis A Food handler has cooled a container of chili to 70 degree F in 1 hour. How much time is left to cool the chili to 41? - ANSWER 5 Hours Nursing home staff are creating a new menu for a breakfast item for residents and their family members. What item is not safe to serve? - ANSWER Soft boiled eggs What practice is useful for preventing Norovirus from causing foodborne illness? - ANSWER Correct handwashing What condition promotes the growth of bacteria? - ANSWER FoOd helb between 70 degrees F and 125 degrees F What is the purpose of hand antiseptic? - ANSWER Lower the number of pathogens on the skin A food handler is prepping a seafood dish on April 4, using shrimp and scallops. The shrimp has a use-by date of April 8, and the scallops have a use-by date of April 10. What is the use-by date for the seafood dish? - ANSWER When can a food handler diagnosed with jaundice return to work? - ANSWER When approved by the regulatory authority Parasites are commonly associated with what food? - ANSWER Wild game When should a food handler with a sore throat and fever be excluded from the operation? - ANSWER When the customers served are primarily a high-risk population Which organization includes inspecting food as one of its primary responsibilities? - ANSWER U.S. Department of Agriculture What must an operation do before packaging fresh juice on-site for later sale? - ANSWER Obtain a variance Which item is a potential physical contaminant? - ANSWER Jewelry What strategy can prevent cross-contamination? - ANSWER Buy food that does not require prepping [Show More]

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