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What are the ways that Equality 7-2521 is different from everyone else - ✔✔Taller, learns quicker, fought with brothers and punished, superior intellect, punished more, preferred work over lesso... ns, didn't listen to history, liked science, wished to learn, and asked many questions. Why is the average lifespan only 45 years of age? - ✔✔Older people have no point in living, they are bored, miserable, and lack stimulation and happiness. They also do not have any family to live for. Why does the council of vocations assign Equality 7-2521 the job of a street sweeper? - ✔✔Teachers warned them that he was a troublemaker and assigned him as a street sweeper to keep him in line. Does the novel take place in the past, present, or future? How do you know? - ✔✔Future, it is described in the Unmentionable Times. Why do the teachers of Equality 7-2521 disapprove of his quick mind? - ✔✔He is smarter than his teachers and grasps things quickly. This is considered a sin. At this point, does Equality 7-2521 accept his society's teachings? If so, why doesn't he feel shame or remorse after committing a crime? - ✔✔He has a desire to learn, and enjoys learning. Therefore, he has no guilt and is willing to be punished for trying new things. Equality 7-2521 frequently mentions a "curse". What do you think his "curse" is? - ✔✔Curiosity [Show More]

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