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Who falls under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act - ✔✔Students who have a disability, but do not need an IEP and require "related services" like ST, OT, PT, or counseling. What are three ar... eas to be covered by an IEP? - ✔✔Placement, Long-term goals, and Present levels of functioning What is an important part of the teacher-student interaction with students who have ADHD or may just be impulsive? - ✔✔Positive reinforcement in the form of praise for the student when he or she is doing well in the classroom particularly in areas of attention and organization. Describe the teaching strategy of "sky writing" and how it should be used. - ✔✔Sky writing is a multisensory teaching strategy when a student is encouraged to form letters in the air with two fingers. This is appropriate for students who are struggling with writing, particularly dysgraphia. What is proximity control? - ✔✔This is the act of a teacher moving to stand or sit close to a student who appears ready to start a disruption. What are the steps in creating an Functional Behavior Assessment? - ✔✔Describe targeted behavior; Collect info on function of the behavior; Categorize the behavior to determine deficit; Analyze the behavior/Form hypothesis; Devise intervention plan What is a cognitive assessment for? - ✔✔Determine intellectual functioning/ability What is the most frequently occurring, permanently disabling birth defect, resulting in an abnormal opening in the spinal column called? - ✔✔Spina Bifida What is a condition where an individual has brain damage, often from birth, which causes impaired muscle coordination and other disabilities? - ✔✔Cerebral palsy What is a hereditary disability marked by the progressive weakening and wasting of the muscles? - ✔✔Muscular dystrophy What is the chronic disease that includes damage to the sheaths of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord leading to numbness, blurred vision, severe fatigue, and impairment of speech and muscular coordination? [Show More]

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