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Chapter 1 Questions AAPC CPC. Questions and answers. 100% coverage. Rated A+

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Which type of information is not maintained in a medical record? a. observations b. medical or surgical interventions c. Treatment outcomes d. Financial records - ☑☑d. Financial records EHR... stands for: a. Extended health record b. Electronic health response c. Electronic health record d. Establish health record - ☑☑C. Electronic health record The Medicare program is made of several parts. Which part covers provider fees without the use of a private insurer? a. Part A b. Part B c. Part C d. Part D - ☑☑b. Part B What does CMS-HCC stand for? a. County Mandated Services-Heightened Control Center b. Country Mandated Services- Hospital Coding Initiative c. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid services- Hierarchal Condition Category d. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Sercies- Hospital Correct Coding Initiative - ☑☑c. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services- Hierarchal Condition Category Which coding manuals do outpatient coders focus on learning? a. CPT, HCPCS Level II, icd-10-cm, ICD-10-PCS b. ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS c. CPT, HCPCS Levell II, ICD-10-CM d. CPT and ICD-10-CM - ☑☑c. CPT, HCPCS Level II, and ICD-10-CM The____describes whether specific medical items, services, treatment procedures or technologies are consider medically necessary under Medicare. A. National Coverage Determinations Manual B. Medicare Physician Fee Schedule C. Medicare Severity-Diagnosis Related Groups (MS-DRG) D. Internet Only Manual - ☑☑A. National Coverage Determinations Manual What does MAC stand for? A. Medicaid Alert Contractor B. Medicare Administrative Contractor C. Medicare Advisory Contractor D. Medicaid Administrative Contractor - ☑☑B. Medicare Administrative Contractor LCD's only have jurisdiction in their? A. Locality B. State C. Region D. District - ☑☑c. Region When are providers responsible for obtaining an ABN for a service Not considered medically necessary? A. After providing a service or item to a beneficiary B. Prior to providing a service or item to a beneficiary C. During a procedure or service D. After denial has been received from Medicare. - ☑☑B. Prior to providing a service or item to a beneficiary In what year did HIPAA become Law? a. 1992 b. 1995 c. 1997 d. 1996 - ☑☑d. 1996 Evaluation and management services are often provide in a standard format such as SOAP notes. What does the acronym SOAP stand for? A. Standard, Objective, Activity, Period B. Scope, Observation, Action, Plan C. Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan D. Source, Opinion, Advice, Provider - ☑☑C. Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan Voluntary compliance programs also provide benefits by not only helping to prevent erroneous or ___, but also by showing that the physician practice is making additional good faith efforts to submit claims appropriately. A. Duplicate claims B. Fraudulent claims C. Mistaken principals D. Over utilized codes - ☑☑B. Fraudulent claims According to AAPC's Code of Ethics, a member shall use only __ and ___ means in all professional dealings. A. Private and professional B. Efficient and inexpensive C. Legal and profitable D. Legal and ethical - ☑☑D. Legal and ethical What type of health insurance provides coverage for low-income families? A. Medicaid B. Medicare C. Commercial PPO D. Commercial HMO - ☑☑A. Medicaid What form is used to submit a providers charge to the insurance carrier? A. UB-04 B. CMS-1500 C. ABN D. Provider reimbursement form - ☑☑B CMS-1500 Which of the followng is a benefit of electronic transactions? A. Payment of claims B. Security of claims C. Timely submission of claims d. None of the above - ☑☑C. Timely submission of claims The OIG recommends that provider practices enforce disciplinary actions through well publicized compliance guidelines to ensure actions that are ______. A. Frequent B. Swift and enforceable C. Consistent and appropriate D. Permanent - ☑☑C. Consistent and appropriate Which provider is NOT a mid-level provider? A. PA B. NP [Show More]

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