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ACIS 1504 Exam 2 | 34 Questions with 100% Correct Answers

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What does the clarity goal try to accomplish? - ✔✔the clarity goal will guide your detailed layout and formatting decisions. There's less chance of introducing errors and misinterpreting outputs... What are the 4 guidelines to achieve with clarity - ✔✔unity, delineation, order, emphasis what does the clarity guideline of unity call for? - ✔✔placing data about similar ideas in adjacent cells. Freeze panes let you keep your rows and column headings on the screen as you scroll. what does the clarity guideline of delineation call for? - ✔✔visually connecting similar items and seperating dissimilar items. can use borders to do so what does the clarity guideline of order call for? - ✔✔apply logical order to rows and columns with unified groups. place groups of cells containing similar ideas in a logical order. alphabetical, chronological, etc. what does the clarity guideline of emphasis call for? - ✔✔highlighting important stuff. draw's the viewers attention to significant elements of the spreadsheet with boldness, background color, borders, tab colors [Show More]

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