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5 mistakes that are common risk factors for FBI: 1. Contaminated equipment 2. Incorrect holding temperature 3. Poor personal hygiene 4. Improper cooking ... -☑☑ 5. Purchasing from unsafe sour... ces. 4 main factors for risk of FBI -☑☑ Time-temp abuse Cross contamination Poor personal hygiene Poor cleaning & sanitizing Raw chicken is left out at room temp on prep table. What is the risk that could cause a FBI? -☑☑ Time-temp abuse A waiter cleans a table with a cloth he puts back in his apron. What is the risk that could cause FBI? -☑☑ Poor cleaning and sanitizing A measure to preventing FBI is controlling ______ and ______________. -☑☑ time/temperature Most important way to prevent a FBI outbreak d/t bacteria? -☑☑ Control time and temperature. Most important way to prevent FBI d/t virus? -☑☑ Good personal hygiene. Important way to prevent FBI d/t parasites, fungi, plant toxins, mushroom toxins, or shellfish toxins? -☑☑ Purchase from reputable sources. (TOXINS CAN'T BE DESTROYED BY COOKING OR FREEZING) Parasites -☑☑ Biological contaminant requiring a host to live & reproduce. Associated w/ seafood, wild game, & processed food w/ contaminated water. Fungi -☑☑ Yeast, molds, mushrooms Ciguatera toxin -☑☑ Found in fish among the tropics & reefs (eg barracuda, snapper, groupers, amberjack. shellfish) from eating algae w/ the toxin Histamine -☑☑ Pathogens on fish produce this toxin if fish time & temp abused (tuna, bonito, mahimahi) YOPI are people higher at risk for FBI: -☑☑ Young (preschool) Old Pregnant Immune-compromised (AIDs, cancer, taking immune sys weakening drugs, transplant recipients) Why are preschool children at risk for FBI? -☑☑ Immune systems not built up strong yet. What are TCS foods? -☑☑ Temperature Control for Safety foods are meant to be kept out of Danger Zone as they pose most risk for FBI Danger Zone (in general) -☑☑ 41-135*F (so TCS foods must be stored either below or above these two temps) At what temps to FB pathogens grow most quickly? -☑☑ 70-125*F Common TCS foods... -☑☑ Dairy, shell eggs, meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, baked potatoes, heat-treated plant food (rice, beans, pasta, veg), tofu and soy protein, sprouts & their seeds, sliced melons, tomatoes, & leafy greens, and untreated garlic-oil mix Challenges you'll face as a manager that put operations @ risk for a FBI outbreak: -☑☑ Time (rushes work = mistakes) Language/culture (barrier & diff in handling food) Literacy & edu (tough to teach all staff fairly) Pathogens Unapproved suppliers (not practicing food safety) High risk customers (esp growing elderly pop) Staff turnover (training new = less time for old) Factors promoting bacterial growth... -☑☑ Food Acidity Temp Time Oxygen (SOME GROW BEST WITH OR WITHOUT) Moisture Big 6 bacteria/virus by the FDA -☑☑ 1. Shigellla 2. Salmnomella 3. Nontyphoidal Salmonella 4. E. coli 5. Hep A 6. Norovirus 3 types of contaminants (think Hughes' apple reaction)... -☑☑ Biological, chemical, & physical The 1/3 contaminant that is the greatest threat to food safety? -☑☑ biological (pathogens) Types of pathogens -☑☑ Bacteria, Virus, Parasite, Fungi/mold, & toxins. Govt agency regulating food except meat, poultry, & eggs & recommends food safety regulations (wrote the FOOD CODE) -☑☑ FDA Govt agency regulating meat, poultry, eggs.. -☑☑ USDA Conducts investigative research into that causes of an FBI outbreak... -☑☑ CDC & PHS Write codes that regulate retail and foodservice operations, and inspects operations -☑☑ State and local authorities What criteria describes an illness as a FBI outbreak? -☑☑ 1. >1 person have same symptoms fr eating same food 2. State and local authorities investigate 3. Confirmed by lab analysis Common FBI symptoms -☑☑ NVD, fever, ab cramps, jaundice Common food allergens (Big 8) -☑☑ Wheat, milk, eggs, fish, soy, shellfish, peanuts, treenuts Symptoms of allergic reactions -☑☑ Nausea, SOB, hives or itchy rashes, swelling of face, eyes, hands, feet, vomit, diarrhea, ab pain Severe allergic reaction that can lead to death -☑☑ Anaphylaxsis WHAT DOES A.L.E.R.T. STAND FOR AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT AS A MANAGER TO FOLLOW EACH PROCEDURE -☑☑ ASSURE: MAKE SURE PRODUCTS FR SAFE SOURCES LOOK: MONITOR SECURITY OF PRODUCTS IN PREP, STORAGE, AND CHEMICALS EMPLOYEES: IDENTIFY ALL VISITORS, VERIFY CREDENTIALS, & BG CHECKS REPORTS: DOCUMENT EVERYTHING (RECEIVING LOG, EMPLOYEE SCHED) THREAT: KNOW WHAT TO DO AND WHO TO CONTACT WHEN THREAT ARISES HOW TO WASH HANDS -☑☑ >100*F RUNNING WATER APPLY SOAP AND SCRUB FR NAILS TO ARMS 15-20 SEC RINSE HANDS AND DRY ON PAPER OR AIR (NO TOWEL) {NEVER USE ANTISEPTICS INSTEAD OF WASHING} HOW TO COVER YOUR WOUND -☑☑ HAND: IMPERMEABLE COVER (BANDAGE OR COT) AND A GLOVE. ARM: IMPERMEABLE COVER. OTHER: BANDAGE. WHAT TO DO IF YOUR FOOD HANDLER HAS SORE THROAT & FEVER SYMPTOMS: -☑☑ DON'T LET THEM WORK WITH THE FOOD. EXCLUDE THEM FR WORKING IF CLIENTS AT RISK PTS. MEDICAL RELEASE NOTE REQUIRED TO RETURN. WHAT TO DO IF YOUR FOOD HANDLER HAS VOMITING OR DIARRHEA SYMPTOMS: -☑☑ EXCLUDE THEM FR WORKING. MUST HAVE NO SYMPTOMS AFTER 24 HRS OR A NOTE FR DR. WHAT TO DO IF YOUR FOOD HANDLER HAS JAUNDICE: -☑☑ MUST BE REPORTED TO REGULATORY AUTHORITIES. EXCLUDE THEM IF HAD JAUNDICE FOR <7 DAYS. MUST HAVE MEDICAL RELEASE & APPROVAL FR LOCAL REGULATORY AUTHORITY TO RETURN TO WORK. WHAT TO DO IF YOUR FOOD HANDLER HAS ANY SYMPTOMS FR HEP A, SALMONELLA, E COLI, NOROVIRUS, OR SHIGELLA: -☑☑ EXCLUDE EM & CONTACT DR & LOCAL REGULATORY AUTHORITY TO DISCUSS WHEN THEY CAN RETURN. Order of foods stored on a shelf/in fridge -☑☑ From top to bottom: RTE Fish Whole beef & pork Ground meat & fish Poultry After which activity must food handlers wash their hands? A. Putting on gloves B. Serving guests C. Applying hand sanitizer D. Clearing tables -☑☑ Clearing tables What should food handlers do after prepping & before using restroom? A. Wash hands B. Take off hats C. Change gloves D. Take off aprons -☑☑ Take of aprons Which piece of jewelry can be worn on food handler's hand or arm? A. Watch B. Diamond ring C. Plain band ring D. medical bracelet -☑☑ Plain band ring What should antiseptics be used? A. After washing hands B. Before washing hands C. When soap is unavailable D. When gloves not used -☑☑ After washing hands A food handler prepares and delivers food the elderly cancer patients. What symptoms require this person to stay a home? A. Thirst w/ itching B. Soreness w/ fatigue C. Sore throat w/ fever D. Headache w/ sore throat -☑☑ Sore throat w/ fever How far must a bimetallic thermometer be inserted into food to give an accurate reading? A. To tip of stem B. Just past the tip of the stem C. Past the dimple of the stem D. Up to the dimple -☑☑ Up to the dimple (the dimple represent where sensing area ends). Which probe would be used to check the temp of a large stockpot [Show More]

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