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PALS Test Questions and Answers Latest 2022 Already Passed

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PALS Test Questions and Answers Latest 2022 Already Passed Chest Compression depth: Infant Correct Answer-1.5 inch or 4 cm (1/3 AP Diameter) Chest Compression depth: Child Correct Answer-2 inches o... r 5 cm (1/3 AP Diameter) Maximum Compression depth: Infant Correct Answer-2.4 in or 6cm Infant/children/adolescent compression rate Correct Answer-100-120 compressions a minute Ratio for single rescuer Correct Answer-30 compressions 2 breaths Ratio for 2 rescuer Correct Answer-15 compressions 2 breaths Rate of rescue breathing Correct Answer-1 breath every 6-8 seconds or 8-10 breaths/min Isotonic Crystalloids 2 examples Correct Answer-NS & Lactated Ringers Fluid challenge is how much (in hypotension)? Correct Answer-20mL/kg (18kg gets 260 mL) BP parameters for PALS (minimum systolic in 4 age groups) Correct Answer-0-1month old= min 60 systolic 1 month-1 year= min 70 systolic 1 year-10 year= min 70+(2xage) systolic over 10 years= min 90 systolic Atropine dose pre-intubation Correct Answer-Atropine 0.02 mg/kg Med: Shock refractory VF or pulseless Tachycardia Correct Answer-Lidocaine or Amiodarone (used in field had better chance of survival but in hospital, either drug has same outcome) Amiodarone dosage Correct Answer-5mg/kg Epinephrine in Cardiac Arrest Indication Correct Answer-all pulseless arrests, hypotensive shock, anaphylaxis, asthma, croup Targeted Temperature management post cardiac arrest Correct Answer-5 days of normothermia (36C-37.5C or 96.8F-99.5F)- NOT HYPOTHERMIA Inotrope drugs (3) Correct Answer-Dopamine, Dobutamine, epinephrine (epi also vasopressor) Normoxemia is what %? Correct Answer-94% or above oxygenation 6 roles in PALS: Correct Answer-team leader airway compressor monitor medication recorder Oxygen saturation level goals Correct Answer-94%-99% Fluid bolus during post cardiac arrest care Correct Answer-5-10 mL/kg over 10-20 minutes Causes of Secondary Brain Injury Correct Answer-Hyperthermia Hypotension Hypoglycemia Hypoxia Defibrillation Joules (initial and refractory) Correct Answer-2J and then if refractory 4J Temp & timing for Permissive hypothermia post cardiac arrest... how many days of normothermia after? Correct Answer-32C-34C (89.6-98.2) for 2 days followed by 3 days of normothermia 4 Spots for IO Correct Answer-proximal tibia medial malleolus distal femur ASIS How to evaluate alert/awake/responsive? Correct Answer-Appearance, Breathing, Circulation What should always follow IO? Correct Answer-NS flush 5-10mL [Show More]

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