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LEED v4 GA Practice Exam Questions | 100 Questions with 100% Correct Answers

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All of the following are part of the USGBC's policy regarding the use of their officially registered logo, except: A. The logo is provided by the USGBC B. The logo may only refer to a USGBC program... or product C. The logo signifies endorsement by the USGBC D. All uses of the logo must include a trademark, except when repeated logos in the same document E. The USGBC logo is less prominent in a document than the logo of the user - ✔✔C. The logo signifies endorsement by the USGBC A mixed use project is proposed with one story or level of residential apartments over ground floor retail core and shell space. Which LEED rating system should the team use to certify the project? A. LEED Homes: Lowrise B. LEED BD+C: New Construction C. LEED BD+C: Core & Shell D. LEED Neighborhood Development - ✔✔B. LEED BD+C: New Construction The primary project team member responsible for managing the documentation for a project in LEED Online is known as the _________________________. A. LEED Project Analyst B. LEED Project Assistant C. LEED Project Ombudsman D. LEED Project Administrator - ✔✔D. LEED Project Administrator Which one of the following refers to a way of analyzing the environmental, social, and local impact of a material or product? A. Impact cycle assessment B. Life cycle costs C. Life cycle assessment D. Purchasing of ongoing consumables - ✔✔C. Life cycle assessment Which of the following is not a rapidly renewable material? A. Wool B. Teak C. Bamboo D. Cork - ✔✔B. Teak Buildings in the US account for what percent of total electricity use? A. 55% B. 68% C. 72% D. 80% - ✔✔C. 72% [Show More]

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