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RBT Test | 126 Questions with 100% Correct Answers

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A main purpose of this RBT training is to? - ✔✔Improve the lives of individuals with autism Which of the following is a component of good teaching? - ✔✔Fun Who is commonly attributed for di... scovering the law of effect? - ✔✔Thorndike Who is commonly considered the father of behaviorism? - ✔✔Watson Which of the following is a dimension of ABA as outlined by Baer, Wolf, & Risley? - ✔✔Generality What percentage of participants reached recovery in the Lovass study (1987)? - ✔✔47% What was one of the primarry lessons learned from Lovaas(1973)? - ✔✔Need for parents to be trained In the Lovaas study(1987) what was the criteria for best outcome? - ✔✔IQ, School Placement, and diagnosis The three branched of the science of behavior analysis are the? - ✔✔Experimental analysis of behavior, behaviorism, and applied behavior analysis What is one component of rigid ABA? - ✔✔Unvarying adherence to protocols What is a definition of a Progressive approach to ABA? - ✔✔Combining the science and art of ABA What is the crux of progressive ABA? - ✔✔Clinical judgment What is one aspect of the learner that is assessed when using clinical judgment? - ✔✔Receptivity What were one of the rights outlined by Van Houten et al. (1988)? - ✔✔Learners welfare Teaching children to label state capitals may be a violation of which of the rights outlined by Van Houten et al. (1988)? - ✔✔Learning functional skills What are the other two levels created by the BACB? - ✔✔BCBA & BCaBA [Show More]

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