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An important building block of literacy skills involves awareness of the sounds of human language. To build this awareness, prekindergarten teachers will sing songs, play word games, and read books ... that contain rhymes and alliteration. Which of the following terms is used to describe the sounds of human speech? syntax phonetics morphology pragmatics - ✔✔phonetics describes the sounds of human speech A third-grade teacher plans a lesson that begins with each student independently reading the same text, followed by a writing activity completed in partner sets, and ends with a class discussion about the text and their writing. The teacher checks in with students throughout all parts of the lesson then collects their writing to score with a rubric. This lesson would be best described as an example of: integration of language skills small group instruction differentiation an informal assessment - ✔✔integration of language skills this lesson requires students to read, listen, speak, and write, making it an example of the integration of language skills A prekindergarten teacher reads a big book aloud to her class. The book emphasizes alliteration, with many words starting with the letter B. As she reads, she uses a pointer to follow along in the text. Read the following excerpt from the book: The big brown bear began each day with a big, hearty breakfast. After reading the book, the teacher points to the better "b" and asks her class what letter it is. Next, she asks her class what sound the letter makes. Which of the following skills is this teacher assessing in this activity? word awareness and tracking directionality and trackingalphabetic principle and word awareness letter recognition and alphabetic principle - ✔✔letter recognition and alphabetic principle When the teacher points to the letter "b" and asks the name, she is assessing letter recognition, and when the teacher asks what sound that letter makes, she is assessing alphabetic principle. A prekindergarten teacher gives each student a tray of sand and asks them to trace the letter "s" into the sand while making the /s/ sound out loud. This lesson is best designed to support the development of what concept? alphabetic principle print concepts oral language alphabetic knowledge - ✔✔alphabetic principle Since they are repeating the letter's sound, they are reinforcing the connection between the letter and the sound it makes. A teacher arranges a parent meeting to discuss some observed vocabulary challenges. The teacher tells the parents that the student does not recognize common instructional language used by the teacher in the classroom. Based on the teacher's observations, the student is significantly below the 3,000 to 4,000 words that children her age are generally expected to understand by the end of the school year. The teacher feels strongly that they should make a deliberate effort to improve the students' vocabulary to prevent the Matthew Effect and to support reading development. The teacher then describes her plans to support the student's vocabulary development within the classroom and the process to determine whether further intervention is necessary. Finally, the group discusses ways for the parents to support their child from home. The teacher notes that the student is likely to understand 3,000 to 4,000 words by the end of the school year. Based on the guidelines for the state of Texas, what grade level is this student currently in? prekindergarten kindergarten [Show More]

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