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STR Practice Exam 2 | 90 Questions with 100% Correct Answers

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A teacher invites students to sit at her desk where she has a set of letter tiles. The teacher spells a CVC word with the tiles and asks the student to read the word aloud. The teacher notes whether... the word is read correctly or not. Then the teacher swaps out a tile to create a new word and the process repeats. Students are assessed on how well they can read the new CVC words with a goal of 25 words correct. Based on the skill being assessed, this teacher most likely teaches which grade level? prekindergarten kindergarten first grade second grade - ✔✔kindergarten The ability to recognize that new words are created when letters are changed, added, or deleted is a benchmark associated with kindergarten-level students. A second-grade student is reading from a text and comes across the following sentence. "I'd go outside, but it's raining cats and dogs!" He raises his hand to call the teacher over. He asks how it can rain cats and dogs. The teacher replies, "'Raining cats and dogs' is something called an idiom," and suggests he looks at the illustration to take a guess what that might mean. The student reviews the illustration showing a heavy rain and asks, "It means there is a lot of rain?" Based on this example, this student is likely in which stage of reading proficiency, according to the TELPAS Proficiency Level Descriptors? beginning intermediate advanced advanced-High - ✔✔advanced Beginning to understand and explore literal and figurative meanings of words is an example of what can be expected of an advanced reader [Show More]

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