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Cyber security Management II - Tactical - C795 Preassessment Questions and Answers with Complete Solutions

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Cyber security Management II - Tactical - C795 Preassessment Questions and Answers with Complete Solutions A combined mail server and calendaring server environment contains no secure sockets layer... (SSL) certificate.Which security principle of the CIA triad is affected by the lack of an SSL certificate? Correct Answer-Confidentiality A company does not have a disaster recovery plan (DRP) and suffers a multiday power outage. Which provisioning should the company perform to provide stable power for a long period of time? Correct Answer-Purchase generators A company is moving its database backups from an off-site location to an alternate processing site warehouse using bulk transfers. Which type of database recovery is this company employing? Correct Answer-Electronic vaulting A company's business operations are disrupted due to a flash flood. Which consequences to business continuity should be addressed in the disaster recovery plan? Correct AnswerEvaluation of risk from possible flood damage What is defined as the ability to maintain an acceptable level of operational status during events such as hardware failures or denial-of-service (DoS) attacks? Correct Answer-System resilience Which RAID array configuration is known as striping with parity and requires the use of three or more disks that spread the parity across all drives? Correct Answer-RAID 5 A web server is at near 100% utilization, and it is suggested that several web servers run the same site, sharing traffic from the internet.Which system resilience method would this be? Correct Answer-Network load balancing Which RAID array performs striping and uses mirroring for fault tolerance? Correct AnswerRAID 10 Which kind of disaster recovery site typically consists of self-contained trailers? Correct Answer-Mobile How often should a business continuity plan (BCP) be reviewed? Correct Answer-At least annually or when changes occur Which database disaster recovery strategy transfers copies of database transaction logs to another location? Correct Answer-Remote journaling A company develops a business continuity plan in addition to an emergency communication plan. What should be included in the company's emergency communication plan? Choose 2 answers. Correct Answer-Alternate means of contact Backup people for each role Which type of backup solution should be incorporated in an organization that has high-capacity backup data requirements in the terabytes? Correct Answer-Disk-to-disk Which data recovery strategy should be used to mitigate the risk of a natural disaster? Correct Answer-Back up data to a remote cloud provider Which two data recovery components will back up a file and change the archive bit to 0? Choose 2 answers. Correct Answer-Inc. and Full Disaster recovery team members are requested to do more than just review the disaster recovery plan but not actually test the individual parts of the plan. Which type of test would suit this request Correct Answer-Structured walk-through When should formal change management be used to manage updates to a disaster recovery plan? Correct Answer-When the IT infrastructure changes, all related disaster-recovery documentation should be changed to match the environment. A company presents team members with a disaster recovery scenario, asks members to develop an appropriate response, and then tests some of the technical responses without shutting down operations at the primary site. Which type of disaster recovery test is being performed? Correct Answer-Simulation Which defense-in-depth practices allow an organization to locate an intruder on its internal network? Correct Answer-Security information and event management (SIEM) and intrusion detection system (IDS) [Show More]

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WGU C795- Cybersecurity Management II – Tactical Bundled Exams Questions and Answers with Complete Solutions

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