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Serv Safe Manager Exam Guide and Answers Costs of a Foodborne Illness to an Operation ---Loss of customers, sales and reputation, negative media exposure, lowered staff morale, lawsuits and legal fe... es, staff missing work, increased insurance premiums, staff retraining Contaminants ---Biological (pathogens like viruses, fungi) Chemical (chemicals to clean contaminate food) Physical (metal shaving, bandages, staples, fish bones) How food becomes Unsafe? ---Purchasing food from unsafe sources, failing to cook food correctly, holding food at incorrect temp, using contaminated equipment, practicing poor personal hygiene Foods most likely to become unsafe (TCS food- food requiring time and temp control for safety) ---milk and dairy, eggs (expect those treated), meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, baked potatoes, heat-treated plant food like cooked rice, beans, vegetables, tofu or soy protein, sprouts, sliced melons, cut tomatoes or leafy green and untreated garlic and oil mixtures Who is at high risk food borne illnesses? ---Elderly, preschool-age children, people with compromised immune system (HIV/AIDS, cancer, certain meds) Keeping food Safe ---Controlling time and temp, preventing cross-contamination, practicing personal hygiene, purchasing from approved, reputable suppliers, cleaning and sanitizing The role of the FDA ---Inspects all food except meat, poultry, and eggs. Regulates food transported across state lines. Regulate foodservice for: restaurants and retail food stores, vending operations, school and day care centers, hospitals and nursing homes Other Agencies ---USDA- dep. of agriculture; inspects meat, poultry, eggs CDC and PHS- assist FDA, USDA, and local health dep., conduct research and assist in investigating Where do contamination come from? ---Many are found in animals; other comes from air, contaminated water and dirt; some occur naturally in food like bones in fish How contamination passed along? ---From person to person, through sneezing or vomiting onto food or food-contact surfaces, from touching dirty food-contact surfaces and equipment and then touching food Biological contamination ---Many microorganisms are harmless, but some can cause illness; harmful microorganisms are called pathogens. [Show More]

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