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MILADY COMPREHENSIVE TEST Questions and 100% Correct Answers

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MILADY COMPREHENSIVE TEST Questions and 100% Correct Answers Water that has had impurities which would make a product unstable removed is called: >>Ans>> Deionized The oil-attracting tail of a su... rfactant molecule is the: >>Ans>> Lipophilic The technique used to check for precision of line and shape in a haircut is called: >>Ans>> cross-checking The list of services in your specialty that you are legally allowed to perform in your state is called: >>Ans>> Scope of Practice Hairstyles are created by the chosen type of line, direction, or: >>Ans>> Combination If a powder foundation is being used as a concealer, it must be applied: >>Ans>> Before the foundation A closely woven heavy material used for nail wraps is: >>Ans>> Linen The layer that gives hair its strength and elasticity is the: >>Ans>> Cortex layer Which of the following is a hair growth treatment approved by the FDA for sale in the United States? >>Ans>> Minoxidil and Finasteride Use of eye pencils on the inner rim of the eyes can lead to an infection of the: >>Ans>> Tear Duct The study of the functions and activities performed by the body's structures is: >>Ans>> Physiology The side bonds that make up the cortex include disulfide bonds, salt bonds, and: >>Ans>> Hydrogen Bonds Acid-free primer will dry to which surface type? >>Ans>> Shiny and sticky In general, the ideal mix ratio for working with monomer liquids and polymer powders is: >>Ans>> Medium beads The business plan should include projected income and overhead expenses for a period of: >>Ans>> 5 Years Proper maintenance of nail enhancements should be performed: >>Ans>> Every 2 to 3 weeks [Show More]

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