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ATI Pharmacology – PN, exam review.

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ATI Pharmacology – PN, exam review. - What are specific considerations for adult clients, clients who are taking anticoagulants, and clients who have fragile veins? - avoiding tourniquets, using... BP cuff to visualize. - no slapping - hold their hand below the heart. - avoid using the back of the hand - avoid rigorous friction while cleaning site. Infiltration - An IV that is pale, has local swelling, decreased skin temperature around the site, damp dressing and slowed infusion is what complication? Extravasation (infiltration of vesicant) - An IV is painful, burning, red and swelling what complication is occurring? - Stop the infusion and remove catheter - elevate extremity - encourage ROM - apply a cold or warm compress depending on the solution infiltrated. - check with the provider to determine whether they still need IV therapy. - What is the treatment for infiltrated IV? Fluid overload - A pt receiving IV solutions begins appearing with distended neck veins, hypertension, tachycardia, SOB, crackles in lungs, and edema what complication is occurring? - Stop the infusion and notify the provider - follow facility protocol. (withdrawing the vesicant solution from the IV access and infusing an antidote through catheter before removal. - repeated treatment for infiltration. - what is the treatment for extravasation? [Show More]

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