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Which is NOT a method the federal government uses to influence the real estate market? - ✔✔Through zoning regulation Real estate markets differ from other asset classes by having all of the foll... owing characteristics except: - ✔✔homogeneous All of the following statements define the role of Real Estate in our economy except: - ✔✔Real Estate generates only 20% of local government revenue (property tax). Real Estate as a tangible asset includes all of the following except: - ✔✔A mortgage Approximately what portion of U.S. households owns their own home? - ✔✔Approximately two-thirds. The most common form of legal description for urban residential property is the: - ✔✔Plat lot and block number The total value of owner-occupied housing and investible commercial real estate in the United States is estimated to be approximately: - ✔✔31 trillion Land without any improvements is sometimes called - ✔✔raw land Judgment liens may be nullified by the direct co-ownership form of : - ✔✔tenancy by the entirety. Designating a principal residence as a homestead: - ✔✔usually creates automatic protection of the residence from general liens up to some limit. Lien Priority in real estate is significant because of: - ✔✔the "all or nothing" treatment of creditors in the event of a property sale. Which type of ownership combines estate in severalty and tenancy in common? [Show More]

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