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What is Reflection - ✔✔A form of transformation that changes the object's orientation; top, bottom, left, right. This creates a mirror image Best method for showing the high and low temp for a c... ity over a 12 month period? - ✔✔color-coded bar graph What is a Venn diagram useful for? - ✔✔Map logical relationships What is a pie chart most commonly used for? - ✔✔Comparing percentages. What does the right-facing horseshoe shape indicate? - ✔✔The numbers or values are a proper subset of the overarching set. What instrument would help you precisely measure an angle? - ✔✔A Protractor What is the mode? - ✔✔The number or numbers that occur most often in the data set. What is the mean? - ✔✔The average of the number set. What is the Median? - ✔✔The middle number or the average of the 2 middle numbers. What is the range of a number set? - ✔✔Subtract the smallest from the largest number in the set. How many more faces does a cube have than a triangular pyramid? - ✔✔2 What are syllogisms? - ✔✔Deductive reasoning strategies composed of major premise, minor premise, and a conclusion. What is inductive reasoning - ✔✔Bases conclusions on specific examples and can sometimes not be logically valid. In the hydrologic cycle, which process transforms liquid to gas? - ✔✔Evaporation - a physical change; it turns water into a gaseous state In the hydrologic cycle, which process turns gas to liquid? - ✔✔Condensation. In the hydrologic cycle, which process turns solid to gas? [Show More]

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