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SCIENCE 101 2.1.7 Explore: Entropy and Time Travel Exploration Physics Sem 2

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Coronado High School, Henderson SCIENCE 101 2.1.7 Explore: Entropy and Time Travel Exploration Physics Sem 2 In this practice, you will apply what you have learned in the lesson. Answer the... questions below. Submit this to your teacher when you are done. 1. Use this article to answer questions about time travel and how it relates to the formation of the universe. (10 points) What Is Time? One Physicist Hunts for the Ultimate Theory a. How does the article define the "arrow of time"? Why is it appropriate to represent time as an arrow? (3 points) b. How is entropy related to time? (2 points) c. Look at physicist Sean Carroll's answer to the first question. Name two things he is trying to understand about the universe in terms of entropy. (2 points) d. Carroll compares the universe to an egg in a refrigerator. In your own words, explain why he does this and what he is saying about the Big Bang theory. (3 points) 2. Use this article to answer questions about an experiment at the University of Maryland and what it may say about time travel. (10 points) Time Travel Impossible, Mini "Big Bang" Hints a. Who are the two scientists featured in this article? What did they create out of metamaterial? What is metamaterial? (3 points) b. Look at the first three paragraphs under "Universe Too Jumbled for Time to Reverse?" In your own words, describe the experiment. What happened to the paths of the radiating plasmons (a type of particle)? (3 points) c. How does the second law of thermodynamics explain the path of the plasmons in the experiment? Did entropy increase or decrease? (2 points) d. According to the experiment, is time travel possible? Why or why not? (2 points) 3. Use this article to answer questions about the possibility of time travel. (5 points) The Real Rules for Time Travelers a. Read the first paragraph in the article. What are the four dimensions of our universe, as described by Einstein? (2 points) b. What is a time paradox? Give an example of a possible paradox, and explain why it would be impossible. (3 points) [Show More]

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