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ATI pharmacology proctored Exam Latest 2022 Graded A+

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Normal renal function test - ANSWER BUN 7-20 Creatinine 0.8-1.4 GFR 90mL +/min Hgb 12-18 aPTT therapeutic range - ANSWER 70-120 seconds Vancomycin infusion reaction - ANSWER If too fast, re... d man syndrome Flushing, redness, dizziness Beta blockers use caution with: - ANSWER DM Bradycardia MG Hypotension Adrenal gland tumor Metabolic acidosis Long term use of steroids side effects - ANSWER Anger/aggression Paranoia Heart attack Delusions Stroke Kidney failure TPN assessment - ANSWER 1. Indications of malnutrition 2. Vein condition at access site 3. Lab values 4. Preexisting conditions 5. Vital signs, auscultate lungs, & weigh 6. Consult w/ dietician & dr. (TPN content) 7. Dr.s orders Benzo antidote - ANSWER Flumazenil Nitroglycerin When do you call 911? - ANSWER Onset of chest pain How to administer nitroglycerin - ANSWER 1 tablet q3-5 mins x 3 Enalapril side effects - ANSWER Dry cough Loss of taste Dizziness, headache Drowsiness, insomnia Dry mouth n/V/D Spironalctone side effects - ANSWER Dry mouth, thirst Dizziness Headache Gynecomastia ED Muscle pain/weakness Paralysis of arm or leg Flu like symptoms How does baclofen work? - ANSWER Antispastic muscle relaxant; blocks nerve signals from muscles at the level of the spinal cord Relationship btw lithium & sodium - ANSWER Lithium is a sodium, so maintain the same salt intake Instruction for vitamin b12 via nose (cyanocobalamin) - ANSWER Once per week. Blow your nose gently. Keep your head upright and insert the tip of bottle into one nostril. Press your other nostril closed with your finger. Spray the medicine into your nose and gently sniff at the same time. Then use the spray in your other nostril. Do not blow your nose for at least a few minutes after using the nasal spray. Wait several hours after using before you use another nasal spray. Ferrous fumarate with kids - ANSWER Helps the body create more hemoglobin and treat/prevent anemia. Prevention: 1 a day Treat: bid If sick within 30 mins, give another dose. If sick after 30 mins, do not give another dose until time for it. Toxicity: stomach pains, vomiting, diarrhea Give with food Omeproazole - ANSWER Take before eating Drink cool glass of water after taking Avoid alcohol & NSAIDS. Notify provider of abdominal pain & diarrhea Use backup of contraceptives for women. Causes of digoxin toxicityb - ANSWER Renal impairment Use of diuretics Dehydration Low potassium Hypomagnesemia Combining w/ other meds Hypothyroidism Taking too much Lovastatin administration - ANSWER Oral tablets At night Store at room temp, away from moisture and light Seizure medications (anticonvulsants) - ANSWER Need backup method of birth control Treatment of TB - ANSWER Isoniazid Rifampin Pyrazinamide Streptomycin Nalbuphine - ANSWER Narcotic used to treat severe pain Often given before or during surgery & medical procedures [Show More]

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