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Chapter #1-4 Study Guide (psychology 101, openstax college book) 95 Questions with Correct Answers

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Chapter #1-4 Study Guide (psychology 101, openstax college book) 95 Questions with Correct Answers Which of the following describes hypothesis? >>>tentative explanation The empirical method of stud... y is based on____________________? >>>observation Psychology is a social science discipline. psychologists scientifically study _________? >>>The mind and behavior Who was the first person referred to as a psychologist? >>>Wilhelm Wundt William James was the ______________________? >>>first American psychologist Psychoanalytic theory focuses on __________________ and early childhood experiences. >>>a person's unconscious According to William James, the purpose of psychology was to _____________________? >>>study the function of behavior __________________ is a perspective within psychology that emphasizes the potential for good that is innate to all humans. >>>humanism Penelope studied the structure and function of the nervous system is related to behavior. She is a _______________? >>>biopsychologist Lucy wants to study changes in cognitive skills, moral reasoning, and social behavior across the lifespan. Lucy should specialize in ________________ psychology. >>>developmental Which kind of psychological area does the work of Jean Piaget exemplify? >>>developmental psychology Edmunds wants to identify relatively consistent patterns of thought and behavior, measure these traits, and determine how these traits interact in a particular context to determine how a person will behave in any given situation. Edmund wants to conduct research in the area of _____________? >>>personality Susan wants to study prejudice, attraction, how we explain our own behavior versus how we explain the behavior of others, and how we resolve interpersonal conflicts. Susan should conduct research in the area of ____________________? >>>social psychology Select the correctly ordered list of psychological theories, with the earliest theorist listed first. >>>Wilhelm Wundt, Sigmund Freud, Noam Chomsky [Show More]

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