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Abdomen - ANSWER The region located between the lowest ribs and the hipbones Abdominopelvic - ANSWER Includes the abdominal and pelvic regions Axillary - ANSWER Pertaining to the armpits Coxa... l - ANSWER Pertaining to the hips Dorsum - ANSWER Posterior surface of the thorax Genital - ANSWER External reproductive organs Gluteal - ANSWER The buttocks Inguinal - ANSWER The Groin Lumbar - ANSWER The lower back Pectoral - ANSWER The chest Perineal - ANSWER The region between the anus an external reproductive organs Pelvic - ANSWER The regional enclosed by the pelvic bones Sacral - ANSWER The region over the sacrum and between the buttocks vertebral - ANSWER The region over the backbone Acanth - ANSWER Spiny, thorny Light - ANSWER Actin, Phot Aer - ANSWER Air, gas example aerosol Pain - ANSWER Alge, algesi, algio, algo Allograft - ANSWER A tissue graft from a donor of the same species Autograft - ANSWER A tissue graft from on point to another on the same individual Amyl - ANSWER Starch Andro - ANSWER Masculine Athero - ANSWER Plaque, fatty substance Bacill, Bacteri - ANSWER Bacilli, bacteria Bar - ANSWER Weight, pressure Bas, basi - ANSWER Base Life - ANSWER Bio, Zoo, vivi Blast - ANSWER Immature cells Cac - ANSWER Bad, ill Calc, calci - ANSWER Calcium Carcin - ANSWER Cancer Chem - ANSWER Chemical Chlor - ANSWER Chlorine, green Chondrio, chondro - ANSWER Cartledge, grainy, gritty Chore - ANSWER Dance Color - ANSWER Chrom, chromat, chromo Chrono - ANSWER Time Chyl - ANSWER Chyle, digestive juice Chym - ANSWER Chyme, semifluid produced of chyl and partially digested food Coni - ANSWER Dust Crin - ANSWER Secrete Cry - ANSWER Cold Crypt - ANSWER Hidden, obscure Cyan - ANSWER Blue Cycl - ANSWER Circle, cycle, cilliary body Cyst, - ANSWER Bladder, cyst, cystic duct Cyt - ANSWER Cell Dextr - ANSWER Right, toward right Dips - ANSWER Thirsty Dors, doris - ANSWER Back. Dynamo - ANSWER Force, energy Echo - ANSWER Reflected sound Electro - ANSWER Electricity, electric Eosin - ANSWER Red, rosy Ergo - ANSWER Work Erythro - ANSWER Red, redness Esthesio - ANSWER Sedation, perception Ethmo - ANSWER Ethmoid bone Etio - ANSWER Cause Fibr - ANSWER Fiber Fluor - ANSWER Light, luminous, fluorine Fungi - ANSWER Fungus Gen - ANSWER Producing, being born Gero, geront - ANSWER Old age Gluco - ANSWER Glucose Glyco - ANSWER Sugars Gonio - ANSWER Angle Granulo - ANSWER Granular Women - ANSWER Gyn, gyne, gyneco Home, homo - ANSWER Same, constant Latr - ANSWER Physician, treatment Ichthy - ANSWER Dry, scaly, fish Idio - ANSWER Distinct, unknown Immun - ANSWER Safe, immune Kal - ANSWER Potassium Karyo - ANSWER Nucleus Ket, keton - ANSWER Ketone, acetone Movement - ANSWER Kin, kine, cine Kyph - ANSWER Humpback Milk - ANSWER Lact, lacti, Galact Lepto - ANSWER Light, frail, thin Latero - ANSWER Lateral, to one side Leuk - ANSWER White Lipo - ANSWER Fat Lith - ANSWER Stone Log - ANSWER Speech, words, thoughts Lys - ANSWER Break down, loosen or dissolved Macr - ANSWER Structure, shape Medi, Mes - ANSWER Middle, medial place Mega, megal - ANSWER Large, million Melan - ANSWER Black, dark Micro - ANSWER Small, one-millionth, tiny Mio - ANSWER Smaller, less Morph - ANSWER Structure, shape Narco - ANSWER Sleep, numbness Necr - ANSWER Death, dying Night - ANSWER Noct, nyct Norm - ANSWER Normal Tumor - ANSWER Oncho, onco Orth - ANSWER Straight, normal Oxy - ANSWER Sharp, acute, oxygen Pachy - ANSWER Thick Path - ANSWER Disease Phago - ANSWER Eating, devouring, swallowing Pharmaco - ANSWER Drugs, medicine Phon - ANSWER Sound voice, speech Physic - ANSWER Physical, nature Physo - ANSWER Air, gas, growing Phyt - ANSWER Plant Plasma - ANSWER Formative, plasma Poikilo - ANSWER Varied, irregular Pseud - ANSWER False Pyo - ANSWER Puss Pyerto - ANSWER Fever Pyro - ANSWER fire, heat Radio - ANSWER Radiation, x-ray, radius Salping - ANSWER Tube Schisto - ANSWER Split Schiz - ANSWER Split, division Scler - ANSWER Hardness, hardening Scolio - ANSWER Crooked, bent Scoto - ANSWER Darkness Sidero - ANSWER Iron Sito - ANSWER Food, grain Somat - ANSWER Body Sono - ANSWER Sound Spasmo - ANSWER Spasm Sphere - ANSWER Round, spherical Spir - ANSWER Breath, breathe Squamo - ANSWER Scale, squamous Staphyl - ANSWER Grape-like cluster Steno - ANSWER Narrowness Stere - ANSWER Three-dimensional Strepto - ANSWER Twisted chains, streptococci Styl - ANSWER Peg-shaped Tel, tele - ANSWER Distant, end, complete Terato - ANSWER Monster (as in malformed fetus) Therm - ANSWER Heat Tono - ANSWER Tension, pressure Top - ANSWER Place, topical Tox,toxico, toxo - ANSWER Poison, toxin Tropho - ANSWER Food, nutrition Xanth - ANSWER Yelloww Xeno - ANSWER Stranger Xer - ANSWER Dry Xiph - ANSWER Sword, xiphoid Zym - ANSWER Fermentation, enzyme Heteropsia - ANSWER Unequal vision in the two eyes Fluoroscopy - ANSWER An x-ray procedure allowing visualization or internal organs in motion Macula - ANSWER Does not contribute to refraction in the eye Tympanic membrane - ANSWER Separates the external ear from the middle ear CPT Category III - ANSWER Reimbursement, if any, is determined by the payer 000 - ANSWER Surgical status indicator represent the surgical global package for endoscopic procedures Medicare administrative contractor - ANSWER (MAC)If an incident doesn't exist for a particular service procedure performed on Medicare patient MAC determines coverageLocal coverage determination are administered by Medicare administrative contractors MAC. All of the above - ANSWER The surgical global package applies to services performed in what setting; hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, physicians office 1996 - ANSWER When was HIPPA made a law HCPCS Level II - ANSWER Permanent national codes, miscellaneous codes, and temporary national codes Ambulance modifiers - ANSWER They identify ambulance place of origin and destination Abnormally high intraocular pressure - ANSWER A patient diagnosed with glaucoma has Medulla - ANSWER The part of the brain that controls blood pressure, heart rate and respiration Recommended/prescribed - ANSWER Procedures that haven't been done Z codes - ANSWER What goes before a diagnosis when it's an encounter for 96361x4 = 4 - ANSWER When coding an + on code with x a certain amount that code is not 1, you have the original code, + on code x how many the add on code is worth Bethesda - ANSWER Negative for intraepithelial lesion or malignancy Subendocardial AMI - ANSWER If an AMI is documented as non-transmural or subendocardial, but the site is provided, how was it reported OIG Workplan - ANSWER It reports on areas of billing compliance targeted for reviews for physician practice MRSA - ANSWER Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus Sedation - ANSWER What is not considered anesthesia As though it was a simple closure - ANSWER Went to shoe glue is used to close the wound involving the epidermis layer how was it reported Upper gastrointestinal exam - ANSWER UGI radiological evaluation of the esophagus, stomach and first proportion of the duodenum. What does UGI stand for? Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty - ANSWER A 35-year-old patient presented to the ASC for PTA. What does the PTA stand for Ambulatory surgery center - ANSWER A 35-year-old patient presented to the ASC for PTA. What does the ASC stand for Neoplasm table - ANSWER It has six columns primary malignancy, secondary malignancy, CA in situ, benign, and uncertain behavior Medicare A - ANSWER Hospitals only, does not cover outpatient charges Medicare B - ANSWER Both hospitals and clinics Medicare C - ANSWER Known as Medicare advantage programs, such as true blue, Humana, etc. Medicare D - ANSWER Drug benefit coverage IT - ANSWER The table of drugs in the HCPCS level II book indicates various medication roots of administration. This abbreviation represents the root word drug is introduced into the subdermal space of the spinal cord PERRLA - ANSWER Pupils equal, round, reactive to light and accommodation Arthocentesis - ANSWER removal of fluid from a joint Amniocentesis - ANSWER The puncturing and removal of amniotic fluid from the amniotic sac during pregnancy Pericardiocentesis - ANSWER The puncturing of the pericardium a double walled sack surrounding the heart for removal of excess fluid Paracentesis - ANSWER The puncture in the removal of fluid from within a body cavity Proximal - ANSWER The part of the bone or organ that is attached first Distal - ANSWER The part of the bone or organ that is the furthest Scapulohumeral muscles - ANSWER coracobrachialis muscle, deltoid muscle, rotator cuff muscles, infraspinatus muscle subscapularis muscle, supraspinatus muscle, teres minor muscle, teres major muscle Hemic & lymphatic - ANSWER The spleen belongs to what organ system Cardia fundus - ANSWER Where the esophagus joins the stomach Advanced beneficiary notice - ANSWER ABN must be signed before the service or procedure is provided to the patient True - ANSWER Category three codes are temporary codes for emerging technology, services and procedures. If a category three code exist, it should be used instead of an unlisted procedure code in category one True or false Medical necessity - ANSWER The condition of the patient justifies the service provided False - ANSWER External cause codes are only used in the initial encounter true or false Radius - ANSWER Outer bone loca [Show More]

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