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TCFP Exam Questions and Answers Latest Updated 2022 Already Passed

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TCFP Exam Questions and Answers Latest Updated 2022 Already Passed NFPA 1001 is the ✔✔Standard for Firefighter Professional Qualifications One of the primary functions of the truck/ladder compa... ny is ✔✔performing forcible entry to fire scene buildings OSHA may establish regulations governing fire department activities such as ✔✔health and safety In the ICS, the functional area responsible for all incident activities, including the development and implementation of strategic decisions, is ✔✔Command What normal body cooling mechanism is lost when wearing PPE? ✔✔Evaporation of perspiration What is one aspect of high rise fires that is especially draining of energy? ✔✔walking up many flights of stairs in PPE A _______ permits firefighters to gain access during an emergency ✔✔key box/lock box In kernmantle rope, the kern or core of the rope accounts for approximately _____ of its strength ✔✔75 percent The combination of knots recommended to hoist a pike pole includes ✔✔a clove hitch and half hitches The order of rank and authority in the fire service describes ✔✔chain of command The street, or address side of the structure is termed ✔✔Division A The ratio of the mass of a given volume of liquid compared with the mass of an equal volume of water at the same temperature is ✔✔specific gravity Life safety rope should be stored in ✔✔coils in rope bags Toxic atmospheres due to smoke and heat are called ✔✔immediately dangerous to life and health Which of the following has the highest priority for radio transmission? ✔✔Emergency traffic from a unit working at a fire or rescue The telecommunicator's first responsibility is to ✔✔obtain the information that is required to dispatch the appropriate units to the correct location Before transmitting any information over the fire department radio, a fire fighter should ✔✔listen to be sure the channel is not being used When using positive pressure SCBA, a poor seal between the face piece and the firefighter's face is ✔✔dangerous, because it is depleting the air supply more quickly The bypass valve on a SCBA is used ✔✔in emergency situations involving a malfunctioning regulator The first noticeable sign of oxygen deficiency is ✔✔increased respiratory rate and impaired muscular coordination Four hazardous atmospheres that firefighters are likely to encounter at a fire are ✔✔super heated air, toxic gases, oxygen deficiency, and smoke Trapped firefighters awaiting rescue will use less air if they ✔✔control their breathing The primary function of the bypass valve on the SCBA is ✔✔for use if the regulator fails The proper position of the bypass valve on positive pressure SCBA under normal conditions is ✔✔fully closed Hypoxia is ✔✔a deficiency of oxygen inhaled toxic gases can directly cause ✔✔disease of the lung tissue What is incorrect about the two SCBA types in fire service use? ✔✔The closed circuit type is commonly used for structural firefighting The purpose of the PASS device is to ✔✔sound and alarm if a firefighter is motionless for a set period of time At the beginning of the shift, the firefighter should make sure their SCBA is at least __% full ✔✔90 Once overhead doors have forced, they should be ✔✔blocked open Which tool is a pulling tool? Crowbar, flathead ax, pike pole, halligan ✔✔pike pole What is one example of a hand powered hydraulic spreader tool? ✔✔Rabbet tool Overhaul operations should commence ✔✔after fire investigation concerns are met Ideally when should fire investigators begin their work scene ✔✔before overhaul starts If large amounts of water need to be removed from areas lacking floor drains, firefighters may _____ to remove the water quickly ✔✔remove toilets and use the sewer system as a drain Soft sleeve intake hose is used for ✔✔transferring water from a hydrant to an apparatus On a dry barrel hydrant, the valve that controls water flow to all outlets is located_____ of the hydrant ✔✔at the base Extinguishing agents safe for use on fires in or near energized electrical equipment include ✔✔carbon dioxide and dry chemical Extinguishers suitable for Class A fires can be identified by a ____ containing the letter A. I colored, it should be _____ ✔✔blue circle Extinguishers suitable for Class D fires can be identified by a ____ containing the letter D. I colored, it should be _____ ✔✔yellow star Stell and aluminum cylinders for breathing apparatus should be hydrostatically tested after each ____ year period ✔✔four When loading fire hose, the ____ serves to change the direction of the hose and can also change the location of a coupling ✔✔dutchman Which is not a common load for pre connected attack lines? flat, triple layer, straight, minuteman ✔✔straight [Show More]

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