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ATI mental health 2019 B proctored EXAM 2022 GRADED A

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1.A nurse is planning care for a 3 year old child who has autism spectrum disorder Which of the following finding should the nurse expect ? - CORRECT ANSWERAttachment to objects that spin 2. A nurse... is planning care for a client who has bipolar disorder . The client reports not sleeping for 3 days and is exhibiting a euphoric mood . The nurse should identify which of the following as the priority intervention . - CORRECT ANSWERLimit loud noises in the client's environment 3. A nurse is evaluating the medication response of client who takes naltrexone for the treatment of alcohol use disorder . The nurse should identify that which of the following is a therapeutic effect of this medication . - CORRECT ANSWERReduces substance craving 4. A nurse in an alcohol treatment facility is caring for a client who states " my job is so stressful that the only way I can come it is to drink . " The nurse should recognize that the client is displaying which of the following defense mechanisms ? - CORRECT ANSWERRationalization 5.A nurse is caring for a client who has depression following a recent job loss . Which of the following questions should the nurse ask to assess the client's personal coping skills ? - CORRECT ANSWERCan you describe how you are currently feeling ? 6. A nurse is assessing a child in the emergency department . Which of the following findings places the child at the greatest risk for physical abuse ? - CORRECT ANSWERThe child has cystic fibrosis 7.A nurse is providing behavioral therapy for a client who has obsessive - compulsive disorder . The client repeatedly checks that the doors are locked at night . Which of the following instructions the nurse give the client when using thought stopping technique ? - CORRECT ANSWERSnap a rubber band on your wrist when you think about checking the locks 8.A nurse is assessing a client who is experiencing alcohol withdrawal. For which of the following findings should the nurse anticipate administration of lorazepam - CORRECT ANSWERBradycardia 9. A nurse is caring for a school - aged child who has conduct disorder and is being physically aggressive toward other children in the unit . Which of the following actions should the nurse take first ? - CORRECT ANSWERPlace the child in seclusion 10. A nurse is caring for a client who has a new diagnosis of bulimia nervosa . Which of the following diagnosis procedures should the nurse anticipate the provider should describe during the medical evaluation ? - CORRECT ANSWERECG 11.A nurse is caring for a client who exhibits excessive compliance , passivity , and self - denial . The nurse should recognize that these findings are associated with which of the following personality disorders ? - CORRECT ANSWERDependent 12. A nurse is caring for a client who is involuntarily admitted for major depressive disorder and refuses to take prescribed antianxiety medication . Which of the following actions should the nurse take ? - CORRECT ANS [Show More]

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