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CTS Practice Exam Questions | 77 Questions | 100% Correct Answers

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What area(s) of consideration should the AV professional address with the client regarding building structure and AV service issues? - ✔✔Ensure adequate power source(s), ensure AV program source... access. How is an AV project estimate created for a client? - ✔✔Calculating goods, labor, materials and other projected costs, plus a markup. What is the diagram shown in the exhibit used for in AV management activities? - ✔✔Helps in sequencing and scheduling project events. Detailed descriptions of specific services, experience required for proposed project staff and AV drawings may be included when creating a(n)? - ✔✔Request for proposal (RFP) for labor and service providers Which pieces of equipment are necessary for testing leads and evaluating an audio signal chain? - ✔✔A Signal Generator and Signal Analyzer When commissioning for video display installation, how will the AV technician test to ensure that the video display system is working properly? - ✔✔Confirm brightness, contrast and color adjustments using SMPTE PLUGE Pattern. What type of diagram or drawing is pictured in the exhibit? - ✔✔A Block Diagram If an AV professional believes that an AV system requires its own VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network),what information must be communicated to the AV professional's IT counterparts? - ✔✔Why the VLAN is necessary. Noise in a room can be a distraction to users and have an impact on the effectiveness of an AV system. Which of the following generates mechanical and structural noise? - ✔✔HVAC fans, diffusers and air handlers. What would mechanical drawings be used to determine on a site visit? [Show More]

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