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EXAM 1 NRSC/PSYC 235 TAMU,170 Questions Correct Answers

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EXAM 1 NRSC/PSYC 235 TAMU,170 Questions Correct Answers What part of neurons contain the nucleus? >>>Cell body (soma) What nervous system includes all nerves other than the brain and spinal cord an... d sends electrical signals to/from the brain? >>>Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) What part of the nervous system contains the brain and spinal cord? >>>Central Nervous System (CNS) Identify the 4 major parts of a neuron. >>>Dendrites Cell body (soma) Axon Terminal Buttons What part of neurons transfer information to terminal buttons? >>>Axon Which part of a neuron do neurotransmitter interactions occur with other neurons' dendrites? >>>Terminal buttons Which part of a neuron receives information >>>Dendrites What two forces determines a neuron's membrane potential? >>>Diffusion and Electrostatic Pressure Molecules transfer from high concentration to low concentration in a aqueous soln. What is this force? >>>Diffusion (axon) A force present in membrane potentials that is exerted by attraction + Repulsion of ions. What is this force? >>>Electrostatic Pressure (axon) Sodium-Potassium Pump >>>A protein present in the neural membrane in the axon. Uses the force of diffusion. Pumps 3 Na+ out (depolarization) Pumps 2 K+ in (repolarization) Important ions in axon membrane potential >>>Organic ions (A-): Predominant inside (Cl-): Predominant outside (K+): Predominant inside (Na+): Predominant outside The outside of a neuron cell is _______________ charged >>>Positively Resting Membrane Potential (RMP) >>>Difference of voltage inside the axon is -70mVThe inside of a neuron cell is _______________ charged >>>Negatively Sequence of the action potential >>>1.Stimulation of resting neuron 2.Na+ channels open 3.Na+'s enter the cell 4.Cell becomes depolarized 5.The impulse travels down the axon The process of the action potential where the Na+ ions are rushed into the cell, making the cell more positively charged. >>>Depolarization The period during the action potential in which K+ ions diffuse to the outer neural membrane, making the cell return to its original negative charge. What is this period called? >>>Repolarization After repolarization, the cell becomes too polarized and then the cell pumps some more Na+ out to reach resting membrane potential in cells. What is this process called? >>>Hyperpolarization The ___________ the axon, the less the electric signal. >>>Longer The ___________ the axon, the more the electric signal. >>>Shorter Graded potentials die out as they spread along the membrane. The signal is reduced over time. What is this called? >>>Decremental conduction Weak local depolarization that does not reach the threshold to cause the action potential in a neuron. What is this called? >>>subthreshold stimulus What is the myelin sheath? >>>Tissue formed on the outside of axons to reduce decremental conduction and is produced by Schwann cells [Show More]

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