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Cross-Cultural Psychology Exam 1 (Ch. 1-4) | 110 Questions | 100% Correct Answers

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What is culture? - ✔✔Creating tradition, rituals, identifying with a race or community based on your ancestors and the people you are around. Dynamic groups of individuals that share a similar c... ontext, are exposed to many similar cultural messages, and contain a broad range of individuals who are affected by those cultural messages in divergent ways. Any kind of information that is acquired from other members of one's species through social learning that is capable of affecting an individual's behaviors What is cultural psychology? - ✔✔Claims psychological processes are shaped by experiences, people from different cultures have different experiences; not the first to claim people are different. What are the two ways in which culture can be conceptualized? - ✔✔1.) Information acquired from other members of our own species through social learning that is capable of affecting an individuals behavior. 2.) Individuals who exist within some kind of a shared context. What are the challenges of defining culture? [Show More]

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