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California Permit Test 2021/2022. Questions with Accurate answers. Rated A+

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A double solid yellow line - ☑☑separates two lanes traveling in the same direction, but crossing the line is prohibited Two sets of solid, double, yellow lines spaced two or more feet apart ind... icate: - ☑☑a barrier Diamond shaped sign means - ☑☑potential danger If you get into an accident you must report it to the DMV within - ☑☑10 days When you drive in fog, you must use your - ☑☑low beam headlights If two cars meet on a steep slope, and neither of them can pass, which car has the right-of-way? - ☑☑The car going uphill When you merge onto a freeway, you should be driving: - ☑☑at or near the speed of traffic You must turn on your headlights __________ after sunset. - ☑☑30 minutes You can make a left turn on a red light - ☑☑only from a one-way street onto a one-way street Special "turnout" areas marked on a two-lane road - ☑☑allow vehicles to pass At 55 mph, under good conditions, your car will travel about ____ feet in the time that it takes you to react to an object in your path and bring the vehicle to a complete stop. - ☑☑400 feet Locked wheel skids are usually caused by: - ☑☑braking too hard at a high speed If your vehicle starts to hydroplane, you should: - ☑☑slow down gradually Any person who willfully flees or tries to avoid a peace officer doing their job is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by - ☑☑1 year of imprisonment in a county jail A ________ indicates the outer edge of a roadway, and it may be crossed only by traffic moving to or from the shoulder. - ☑☑solid white line If you are convicted of seriously injuring someone while attempting to evade a police pursuit, you may be fined at least - ☑☑$2,000 dollars On one-way roads, yellow lines are used as: - ☑☑left-edge lines A u-turn is permitted - ☑☑across a double yellow line If a CA driver is convicted of fleeing an officer without causing any bodily injuries, they can face: - ☑☑up to one year in jail The wide white line painted across a traffic lane before you enter the intersection is known as - ☑☑the limit line _________ are the most likely places for collisions with cars and motorcycles to occur - ☑☑Intersections All regulatory devices on the road instruct you: - ☑☑to stop, proceed in a certain direction, or limit your speed [Show More]

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