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CyberArk CAU201 Defender Exam Prep | 90 Questions with 100% Correct Answers

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Can the "Connect" button be used to initiate a SSH connection, as root, to a Unix system when SSH access for root is denied? - ✔✔Yes, only if a logon account is associated with the root account ... and the user connects through the PSM-SSH connecting component. The password upload utility must be run from the CPM server. - ✔✔False When managing SSH keys, the CPM stores the Public Key. . . - ✔✔on the target server Which Master Policy Setting must be active in order to have an account checked-out by one user for a pre-determined amount of time? - ✔✔Enforce check-in/check-out and exclusive access Vault admins must manually add the auditors groups to newly created safes so auditors will have sufficient access to run reports. - ✔✔False You have associated a logon account to one of your Unix accounts in the Vault. When attempting to change the root account's password, the CPM will. . . - ✔✔Login to the system as the logon account, run the SU command to login as root, and then change the root's password. What is the primary purpose of One Time passwords? - ✔✔Reduced risk of credential theft. Accounts Discovery allows secure connections to domain controllers. - ✔✔False ___________________ is NOT true when enabling PSM recording for a target WIndows Server. . . - ✔✔- The PSM software must be installed on the target server. - PSMConnect must be added as a local user on the target server According to DEFAULT Web Options settings, which group grants access to the REPORTS page? [Show More]

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