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What factors will increase complexity? Select all that apply 1) Larger # of project people 2) Longer duration of the project 3) Batching of product release into one big bang - ✔✔Answer: All t... he above What is the cone of uncertainty? - ✔✔In complex adaptive problems, the amount of the unknown is really huge in the initial stages and will likely trend down over the course of the product development. The trend is called the cone of uncertainty. What is the Critical Path Method (CPM)? - ✔✔A way that planners calculate the duration of the project during the initial stages by inputting such assumptions on things like product definition, people productivity, etc. What is Empiricism based on? - ✔✔Based on the concept that complex problems are hard to predict. Applies an iterative, incremental approach to optimize predictability and control risk. Empiricism advocates observation rather than prediction to navigate complex adaptive problems. Select the best answer. Scrum is a newer way of doing things to address complex problems. It is a new way because a) It offers new terminology for traditional practice b) It is easier to master than the traditional way c) It increases the opportunity to control risk and optimize the predictability of progress d) It is closely associated with emerging technologies - ✔✔Answer: C Scrum brings in new terminology, but it is not the primary difference. It is easy to learn, but difficult to master. There is incidental association of a lot of emerging technologies executed in Scrum, but that is not the reason for its identity as a new way. Scrum does not guarantee success, but it increases the likelihood of success by controlling the risk and optimizing predictability. Scrum framework consists of: a) Scrum Standards b) Scrum Teams c) Product Development Processes d) Roles, events, artifacts, and rules associated with Scrum Teams - ✔✔Answer: B&D Scrum framework consists of Scrum Teams and their associated roles, events, artifacts, and rules. Though there are standards such as definition of "Done", they are not formally called as Scrum Standard. Correct answers are 'b' and 'd'. How is progress measured in Scrum? What are the key performance indicators (KPI)? - ✔✔Answer: Only the Increment is a measure of progress in Scrum. In Scrum, Team Velocity (Rate of Completion) is a good metric to track the progress of product development. a) Yes b) No - ✔✔Answer: No. This is only an internal metric used by the team to manager their work. It is not an indicator of progress for stakeholders. Is the Scrum Master only a teaching role? - ✔✔Answer: No, they are not just teachers or coaches, they are responsible for many other activities that are instrumental in transforming teams into value creators. An example of a critical activity the play is when the Scrum Team runs into issues that prevent it from achieving their goal and if these issues are outside of the team's influence, the Scrum Master owns these impediments and resolves them. They also help the organization to adopt Scrum, set the goals to improve the way of working in Scrum, etc. What are the 5 values of Scrum? - ✔✔1) Commitment 2) Courage 3) Focus 4) Openness 5) Respect What is a ScrumBut? - ✔✔An adjustment or modification made to Scrum, so that the organization can hide the problem instead of addressing it. Ex.) "We use Scrum, but we cannot build a piece of functionality in a month, so our Sprints are 6 weeks long." Select all that apply. In Scrum, the technical design of the solution is: - ✔✔a) Built one module after another with the Architect's guidance b) Initially created as a common architectural pattern by selected designers and architects and shared with other to build on top of it c) Started with just enough design which emerges throughout the Sprints d) Provided focused attention through core design hours in the Sprint Answers: C &D Which of the following statement is not correct? a) Only the people who perform the work can finalize the estimate of Product Backlog items b) The Product Owner always orders the Product Backlog Items based solely on the value of each individual item compared to another item c) Mult. Dev. Teams working for the same product should have one common Product Backlog d) The Dev. Team finalized all estimates - ✔✔Answer: B Because the P.O. strives to maximize the collective value of the Product and the Dev. Team's work To achieve that, they can follow any appropriate logic for ordering. It does not always need to be the individ. business value. What is the logic behind which parameter is chosen to order the Product Backlog? A) Individual Product Backlog Item's value B) Whatever increases the overall value of team's work C) Whatever is deemed appropriate by the P.O. - ✔✔Answer: C Choose the best choice: A) Individual Product Backlog Item's value B) Whatever increases the overall value of team's work C) Priority of senior management - ✔✔Answer: C Not a direct answer, but the best choice of all 3. What are some examples of Product Backlog management techniques where a Scrum Master can coach the P.O. and the Dev. Team: a) Creating a common standard that defines the preferred level of description and transparency each Product Backlog Item should meet before introducing them in Sprint Planning. The Team can then use this standard as a guideline to decompose the Items. b) In addition to using value, a P.O. can choose input from the Dev. Team on ordering the items based on their technical coherence. c) Choosing a tool to manage the Product Backlog. d) Techniques like writing the items in the form of user stories and their Acceptance Tests. - ✔✔Answer: 'a', 'b', and 'd' A Scrum Master coaches the Dev. Team and the P.O. about managing the Product Backlog to facilitate empiricism-based product planning and arranging the items so that the order can maximize overall value. A Dev. Team has technical specialists in addition to Developers. They perform their work when the Sprint Backlog needs their special skills, but they are idle others: A) Continue to have the specialist deliver fully-integrated Increments. Gradually facilitate the team to organize their work to fully leverage these special skills. If required, they can enhance everyone's domain of expertise, so that everyone is productive as a team without idle time. B) Let the PM coordinate their staffing needs and plan partial allocations to avoid idle time C) Defer and accumulate the special work to later Sprints until it needs full-time specialists. Add them to the team for that time frame alone. Prior to that, deliver the Increment with subbing. - ✔✔Answer: A In the middle of the Sprint, a Dev. Team finds that they have more room for additional work. They decide to change the Sprint Backlog by adding a few more Backlog Items from the Product Backlog. Who should be present to decide the additional work and accordingly modify the Sprint Backlog? A) Senior members of the Dev. Team B) Scrum Master C) Dev. Team D) P.O. E) Scrum Team - ✔✔Answer: C&D [Show More]

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